Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 1

Raging Tempest is out. Zoodiacs are out. The world is over. The rat is named Ratpier. Yugioh has gone to the dogs. Three secrets are Zoodiac cards that you need at least two copies of. Welcome to the RATE set review. It’s been out since Friday and we’ve had a weekend to see the good decks but let’s take a look at the set even though you probably know all the good cards, anyways. In this part I’m going to go over the notable super, ultra and secret rares. The next part will be the notable commons and rares. Let’s-a-go. Continue reading “Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 1”

Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 2

inov-boosterenWelcome back to part two of the INOV set review. Part one covered all of the secret, ultra and super rares, while part two is the rares and commons. Anything without a competitive rating, I don’t expect to be competitive. If I miss or overlook anything, let me know, I can’t know everything. Cards that weren’t in Japan’s INOV will be marked with WP for World Premier, meaning they’re TCG Exclusives or OCG imports. Let’s go. Continue reading “Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 2”

Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 1

inov-boosterenIt’s finally time for the INOV set review. For those new here, the usual structure is fairly simple, I go over 40 cards, then the next 40, then the 20 WP cards at the end but this time I’m going to do it a little differently. I’m going to go over the eight secrets, 10 ultras and 14 supers in part one, and then in part two, the 18 rares and 46 commons. It leads to longer articles but I think that fewer parts are better. The World Premier cards (WP) are going to be marked, meaning they’re OCG imports or TCG exclusives (for now.) Cards without a competitive rating aren’t viable. Let’s go. Continue reading “Set review: Invasion: Vengeance part 1”

Set review: Legendary Decks II

ldk2-deckenMany Yugioh players ask the question “Is the Legendary Decks II set worth it?” It depends on who you are. If you’re a casual player or a collector, yes. It’s always worth your money if you’re not playing competitively or just want to collect all of the cards. Let’s get into what’s in the box. Continue reading “Set review: Legendary Decks II”

Are the 2016 Mega Tins worth it?

It’s that time again. A new set just released with new cards. I disagree with new cards being introduced to the main competitive format in something other than sets and stuff like structure decks, but you could do worse than regular print run tins. Like prize cards and books. Those are worse than tins. I have a lot of readers from the U.K., Germany, Australia and Italy. None of them can use Utopia the Lightning. Regardless, the new stuff is in a tin and is legal in all of the TCG. What’s in it? Is it worth the $19.99 that Konami is asking?


Continue reading “Are the 2016 Mega Tins worth it?”

Set Review: Dragons of Legend Unleashed

When I started writing this, I still didn’t have internet in my home so I had to load the database when I could, then write this set review from that. There are 40 new cards and 33 reprints, including Night Express Knight. I know about trains, please don’t tell me again. Dragons of Legend 3 packs each have five cards in them, four ultra rares and one secret rare. I don’t have anything else to say other than if you think something different than I do, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into it. Continue reading “Set Review: Dragons of Legend Unleashed”

Set review: The Dark Illusion part III

I’ve reviewed the first 80 cards in TDIL, minus 000. Today it’s time to go over all of the WP cards. That’s World Premier, meaning they’re new to the TCG and not in OCG’s version of the same set. Anything I say is my opinion and open for discussion. You can send me an email or you can leave a comment. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook where you can message me if you have anything to say. Pictures will be in when good scans exist. Today, I’m starting with Magical Something. No, that’s actually its name. Continue reading “Set review: The Dark Illusion part III”

Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II

TDIL-BoosterENLast post, I started the set review for TDIL. Many cards are bad, but that’s nothing new. I went over cards 001 to 040. Today, it’s time for cards 41 to 80. What I say is my opinion. If you disagree with anything, let me know. I’m always willing to discuss where I’m wrong because I get to learn something. Pictures coming when good scans exist. I have nothing more to add in regards to an introduction, so let’s get to it with Wrecker Panda. Continue reading “Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II”