The majority of voters did not vote for Donald Trump

trumpshoosA majority of voters did not vote for Donald Trump. How does that relate to Yugioh? It doesn’t. I’m sorry avid readers, this article is not about Yugioh, not even Magic. Today we have the presidential election results between Clinton and Trump. It doesn’t matter now who you voted for or who you wanted to win because Trump won. Maybe something will happen like Trump gets assassinated but that would just leave another Republican in his place. Seriously, what presidential candidate would pick someone from the opposite party to be their VP? Also, wishing people dead isn’t nice, even if they look like one of the new Pokemon. Let’s look at the data, the broken U.S. Voting system and how The Donald stole Christmas won the election.

Neither candidate has a majority

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Standard would be good for Yugioh

Let me talk about a rotating format. Currently, there is one competitive format, Advanced. Every set printed in your region is legal with a Forbidden & Limited List restricting certain cards Konami deems too powerful. Power creep is going to happen if Konami wants to sell product. Konami is a business that makes money by selling packs of Yugioh. If players have no reason to buy new packs, Konami will go out of business. Or, at least, Yugioh won’t be profitable. Konami has two options. Option one, power creep new cards so the new cards are always more powerful. Option two, ban the most powerful cards from old sets so people want to buy new cards. Konami has chosen the latter. There is a third option, though. It’s called rotation. Continue reading “Standard would be good for Yugioh”

Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game

Konami isn’t dumb. I don’t know what forces keep the TCG and OCG from melding, but they both exist, and it’s time for them to meld. No mana payment. Just melding. During the NAWCQ live stream two new Subterror cards were revealed for TDIL, which comes out August 5th. Then, during the EUWCQ, we saw all of the new SPYRAL cards. But we only saw the pictures. We don’t know level, name, attributes, or even if they are monsters. My point is not to preview these cards. My point is to say that the new cards are exciting because we haven’t known about them for months. Continue reading “Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game”

10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network

So with DN and YGOPro ordered to cease and desist, everyone’s heard the rumors that there is going to be some official YuGiOh Online. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how it’s going to be worse than DN and how nobody should use it. I want to present ten reasons why an official system that isn’t Dueling Network will be better than Dueling Network. This list is also ways the new official game could mess up if they don’t do these things. Continue reading “10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network”

Are errata good for Yugioh?

trishula_dragon_of_the_ice_barrierBy creating the game of Yugioh and owning all of its assets, Konami has the ability to errata cards. What is an errata? An errata is a change to a card effective on all copies, even older ones with older text. Changing mistakes is fine with me. Technically, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier technically wasn’t an ‘Ice Barrier’ monster. Dance Princess of the Nekroz still adds back banished ‘Necroz’ monsters. Konami is able to errata cards. They have. Many times. Necrovalley has had six errata and people still don’t really know what the card does. Sometimes cards get an errata to make it clearer how it works, or because of a mistranslation. But sometimes, Konami changes what cards do and how they work. Should they? My gut reaction is a strong no, but let’s see if we can’t find some validity to errata-ing cards. Continue reading “Are errata good for Yugioh?”

Big Eye’s Rants: May 31st

dumbMy friend sent me a screenshot from Zodiac. Everyone knows that Zodiac is full of garbage and nothing but garbage. Even my friend is garbage. Screenshots from mobile are some of the worst screenshots. But the question was “I have Rivalry up and my opponent Stormforths. This means that they have to tribtue mymonster for the same type if they want to use it correct? As in Qliphort is machine they have to have a machine. I’m fairly certain it has been ruled this way many times previously. Stormforth specificly states “as if you controlled the monster”. Continue reading “Big Eye’s Rants: May 31st”