Link Monsters, how do they work?

There are some serious changes coming to Yugioh. I first read them, didn’t completely understand the implications and thought that the game was going to shit. It’s not, if anything, it’s quite the improvement. There’s a lot to unpack with Link Monsters and Link summoning as well as the Pendulum Zone changes. I don’t typically like to talk about what’s coming from the OCG because if the head of TCG Yugioh wanted us to know, we’d know but the inverse is also true. If we weren’t supposed to know, there’s no way we’d know and Konami would clean up their game. Let’s get into the changes, allow me to explain what they are then I’ll explain what it means for the game. Continue reading “Link Monsters, how do they work?”

Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update

here-come-dat-boiI have so much disdain for the TCG/OCG divide. It’s not good for the game. I believe it’ll be part of Yugioh’s eventual downfall if it doesn’t change. But it exists, and like YCS prize cards and inconsistent F&L lists, I have to deal with it because I love the game. Treatoad exists. Japan got it July 9th and we will get it in November. People will have been hyping Treatoad for more than four months when it finally releases. And by the time it releases, no one will care. But this is the casual Yugioh community. Continue reading “Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update”

Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game

Konami isn’t dumb. I don’t know what forces keep the TCG and OCG from melding, but they both exist, and it’s time for them to meld. No mana payment. Just melding. During the NAWCQ live stream two new Subterror cards were revealed for TDIL, which comes out August 5th. Then, during the EUWCQ, we saw all of the new SPYRAL cards. But we only saw the pictures. We don’t know level, name, attributes, or even if they are monsters. My point is not to preview these cards. My point is to say that the new cards are exciting because we haven’t known about them for months. Continue reading “Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game”

We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?

TellarknightVatlamyus-INOV-JP-OPTellarknights are old news. Shaddolls are old news. Qliphorts are old news. Infernoids are old news. Why are Tellarknights getting a card that’s Construct with a Darth Maul-like body made out of Tierra and Tierra looks like it’s made out of the same Qli robot materials? On the whole though, I don’t care about story. It doesn’t affect gameplay. I’m unsure of why people are getting so excited over cards coming out in November. Yugioh players seem to forget what is actually soon. The Movie Pack, Felgrand Structure Deck and The Dark Illusion are all July. Continue reading “We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?”

New July 1st OCG Forbidden & Limited List

Japan has a new Forbidden & Limited list. Literally, only four cards moved. I guess that means Konami of Japan is doing a better job of balancing the game as of late? I don’t know. I’m not sure how the decisions are made. I’m not part of Konami. Let’s take a quick look. Continue reading “New July 1st OCG Forbidden & Limited List”

A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3

XYZDragonCannon-JP-Anime-DM-NCToday isn’t card of the day, it’s archetype of the day. Okay, not a true archetype because they don’t share a naming convention, but it’s the AtoZ group. In late 2003, we got X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ and XYZ. They’re a series of LIGHT Machine-Type monsters. X is a Normal Monster, Y and Z are unions, and the combinations are the Fusion Monsters that don’t require Polymerization. Instead you banish the materials that you control. Then in 2005, we got V, W, VW and VWXYZ. Now, a few days ago, Japan got A, B, C and ABC. ABC series is way better than VWXYZ. Continue reading “A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3”

Are errata good for Yugioh?

trishula_dragon_of_the_ice_barrierBy creating the game of Yugioh and owning all of its assets, Konami has the ability to errata cards. What is an errata? An errata is a change to a card effective on all copies, even older ones with older text. Changing mistakes is fine with me. Technically, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier technically wasn’t an ‘Ice Barrier’ monster. Dance Princess of the Nekroz still adds back banished ‘Necroz’ monsters. Konami is able to errata cards. They have. Many times. Necrovalley has had six errata and people still don’t really know what the card does. Sometimes cards get an errata to make it clearer how it works, or because of a mistranslation. But sometimes, Konami changes what cards do and how they work. Should they? My gut reaction is a strong no, but let’s see if we can’t find some validity to errata-ing cards. Continue reading “Are errata good for Yugioh?”

March 2013 Format Rules

MechaPhantomBeastDracossack-LTGY-EN-ScR-1EAre you tired of the current format? Seeing the same decks topping events? Really want to test your skill? Sure, Goat Control mirrors can be skillful, but what about when they open Duo, Graceful, Serpent, Greed and Magician of Faith? That hand is pretty nutty. Might not happen often, but it can. Play the NAWCQ 2013 format. It is one of the most skillful formats in the game’s history. Spellbooks and Dragon Rulers might be the best decks, but there are other options, too. Continue reading “March 2013 Format Rules”

Casual Corner: Burgesstoma

BurgesstomaAnomalocaris-CORE-KR-SR-1EDo you like one for one exchanges? They’re not bad. But do you like getting a monster every time you activate anything? Burgesstoma do just that. They’re all Normal Traps that summon themselves when you activate another trap! Their trap effects do just about everything too. They’re also based off mega old dinosaur age sea creatures. But other than make Rank 2s, what can you do with them? Please note all names are subject to change. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Burgesstoma”