March 31st 2017 Forbidden & Limited List Update (TCG ban list)

It’s been over six months since we had our last updated F&L list. They banned Monkeyboard back then. Do you remember when Performapals were a problem for six months? Well, there are some interesting moves this time. Let’s go. Continue reading “March 31st 2017 Forbidden & Limited List Update (TCG ban list)”

Link Monsters, how do they work?

There are some serious changes coming to Yugioh. I first read them, didn’t completely understand the implications and thought that the game was going to shit. It’s not, if anything, it’s quite the improvement. There’s a lot to unpack with Link Monsters and Link summoning as well as the Pendulum Zone changes. I don’t typically like to talk about what’s coming from the OCG because if the head of TCG Yugioh wanted us to know, we’d know but the inverse is also true. If we weren’t supposed to know, there’s no way we’d know and Konami would clean up their game. Let’s get into the changes, allow me to explain what they are then I’ll explain what it means for the game. Continue reading “Link Monsters, how do they work?”

Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update

here-come-dat-boiI have so much disdain for the TCG/OCG divide. It’s not good for the game. I believe it’ll be part of Yugioh’s eventual downfall if it doesn’t change. But it exists, and like YCS prize cards and inconsistent F&L lists, I have to deal with it because I love the game. Treatoad exists. Japan got it July 9th and we will get it in November. People will have been hyping Treatoad for more than four months when it finally releases. And by the time it releases, no one will care. But this is the casual Yugioh community. Continue reading “Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update”

10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network

So with DN and YGOPro ordered to cease and desist, everyone’s heard the rumors that there is going to be some official YuGiOh Online. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how it’s going to be worse than DN and how nobody should use it. I want to present ten reasons why an official system that isn’t Dueling Network will be better than Dueling Network. This list is also ways the new official game could mess up if they don’t do these things. Continue reading “10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network”

We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?

TellarknightVatlamyus-INOV-JP-OPTellarknights are old news. Shaddolls are old news. Qliphorts are old news. Infernoids are old news. Why are Tellarknights getting a card that’s Construct with a Darth Maul-like body made out of Tierra and Tierra looks like it’s made out of the same Qli robot materials? On the whole though, I don’t care about story. It doesn’t affect gameplay. I’m unsure of why people are getting so excited over cards coming out in November. Yugioh players seem to forget what is actually soon. The Movie Pack, Felgrand Structure Deck and The Dark Illusion are all July. Continue reading “We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?”

Kozmo Wave 4 thoughts

In Clash of Rebellions (CORE) we (the TCG) got two new WP archetypes, Kaiju and Kozmo. Then in Dimension of Chaos (DOCS) and Breakers of Shadow (BOSH) we got two more installments. Next, in Shining Victories(SHVI) we get another installment of Kaiju and Kozmo. So far each time we’ve gotten 4 Kozmo Monsters, a Kozmo Spell/Trap, 2 Kaiju Monsters and a Kaiju Spell/Trap. Today I’m going to talk briefly about all of the new Kozmo cards. Continue reading “Kozmo Wave 4 thoughts”