March 2013 Deck Guide: Evilswarms

EvilswarmOphion-HA07-EN-ScR-1EWelcome back to another March 2013 format deck guide. This time, it’s Evilswarm. What does the deck do? How does it win? Is it good? How does it lose? How do you beat it? All of these questions and more answered just for you. I want the March 2013 format to be played because it’s more diverse than April 2005, so I better get started on the archives. Remember, this is a guide for those that didn’t play during this format, so it may sound condescending but it isn’t. It’s for beginners to the format. Let’s get into it. Continue reading “March 2013 Deck Guide: Evilswarms”

March 2013 Format Rules

MechaPhantomBeastDracossack-LTGY-EN-ScR-1EAre you tired of the current format? Seeing the same decks topping events? Really want to test your skill? Sure, Goat Control mirrors can be skillful, but what about when they open Duo, Graceful, Serpent, Greed and Magician of Faith? That hand is pretty nutty. Might not happen often, but it can. Play the NAWCQ 2013 format. It is one of the most skillful formats in the game’s history. Spellbooks and Dragon Rulers might be the best decks, but there are other options, too. Continue reading “March 2013 Format Rules”