Magic: Frontier’s Boogeyman is not that difficult to play

Heads up Yugioh players, this is about Magic. Read on if you like, click an ad and move on if you’re not interested. A lot of people hate Frontier as a format simply because it’s not extended and it’s not official. Regardless of how you feel about Frontier, it’s picked up a lot of steam. There’s a lot of talk that the format is just 4-color midrange and that simply isn’t true. Atarka Red largely acts as the fun police making sure nobody is trying to get too durdly. If Atarka Red is the fun police, 4-color Rally is the boogeyman that everybody’s scared of, nobody wants to play against but yet, not many people are really playing the deck. Why is that? Continue reading “Magic: Frontier’s Boogeyman is not that difficult to play”

Magic: Modern Dredge

gravetrollToday I want to talk about Dredge. I’ve seen a lot of primers and other guides on the internet but most of them were before Eldritch Moon and all of them were before Kaladesh. If you’re interested in playing the deck, or want to see the best ways to beat it, read on. Yugioh players, I’m sorry, this is a Magic article. Continue reading “Magic: Modern Dredge”

Magic: Mardu Mad Max Tuning and my introduction into Legacy


It was pointed out to me that I don’t really have a target audience for my Magic articles and that’s completely true. I don’t know if this is a mistake or not but I’m just going to talk about my week of Magic, or however long it’s been since I’ve last talked about Magic. This past week I’ve discovered Legacy and tuned my Mardu Mad Max deck some more. Here we go, vroom vroom. Continue reading “Magic: Mardu Mad Max Tuning and my introduction into Legacy”

Magic: Red Aggro Decks in New Standard

This is an aggressive one-drop. Not a great one, but still an aggro one-drop.

Welcome to amateur competitive Magic player corner. I wanted to talk about White/Red Vehicles/Dwarves and how bad Bomat Courier is. The Big Eye will still primarily be a Yugioh site but sometimes other things that interest me may go here. I’m new to talking about Magic, but we’ll see how this goes. Let’s get into the red aggro decks. Continue reading “Magic: Red Aggro Decks in New Standard”