Improve your game: Everybody knows something you don’t

WisdomEyeMagician-SDMP-EN-SR-1EEverybody knows something you don’t. You know some things and everyone else knows some different things. There is obviously a lot of overlap when you’re talking to someone about a topic you’re both interested in but not everyone in the conversation knows the same stuff. Thankfully, we have language to communicate our thoughts to each other. This is going to apply to more than just Yugioh. It’ll apply to every card game, every game and your life. Whenever faced with a choice, you need to make a decision. And for each decision you make, somebody else probably knows something you don’t know about the choice that can help you. Continue reading “Improve your game: Everybody knows something you don’t”

Evaluating cards

You have to wonder if a card is good or not
You have to wonder if a card is good or not

At the time of writing this, there are 7,350 different cards legal in North America. The database also tells me that there are 7,865 different cards legal in Japan. The TCG got 589 new cards last year. The specifics don’t particularly matter, but between 500 to 600ish cards enter the game every year. That’s a lot of cards. About 45 to 50 cards every month. And four times a year they come in bunches of 100. Regardless of how many new cards come out, you should be looking at all of them and trying to figure out where the new cards slot into the format. Do they create a new deck? Do they make an older deck viable again? Do they make a good deck better? Today, let’s talk about evaluating cards. Continue reading “Evaluating cards”

Don’t be afraid to try new things

DarkSimorgh-CT08-EN-SR-LEAt the NAWCQ we saw a lot of Domain Monarchs. The last time we saw Domain Monarchs, Performapals were dominant. Then Kozmo saw a surge in play and Monarchs started playing with an Extra Deck because Kozmo doesn’t care about being locked out of theirs. Then Burning Abyss saw a surge in play, and they use their Extra Deck a lot. Now Domain is being played again. These are meta changes. While the best archetypes are usually clear, how to play that strategy isn’t. For the past few years, there have been multiple ways to play most decks. Most players say you need to innovate to be ahead. The spiciest technology from the NAWCQ was Typhoon, Corebage and Dark Simorgh in the Main Deck. Otherwise, we’ve seen everything before. Even then, Typhoon and Corebage aren’t new techs. Continue reading “Don’t be afraid to try new things”

Improve your game: Floater Theory

Sangan-LCYW-EN-ScR-1EA term I hear quite a lot is ‘floater’. What is a ‘floater’? What do they do? Are they good? Are they bad? The Wikia has described a floater as “a Monster Card which has replaced itself in some way, allowing the player using it to generate card advantage.” Most people think of cards that get another card when it dies, like Sangan, or Mystic Tomato, but it isn’t that straightforward. Continue reading “Improve your game: Floater Theory”

Improve your game: You need a win condition

Shock Master's effect doesn't win games. Being able to attack wins games.
Shock Master’s effect doesn’t win games. Being able to attack wins games.

If you want to win a game of Yugioh, you need to actually be able to win. Maybe, if you’re the most charismatic person ever, every opponent will just concede to you. Maybe you are charismatic, but is it enough to get everyone to give you the win? Probably not. Desilentenigma (DPYGO) made a video sometime in 2012 when Wind-Ups were good. His main point was that even though Wind-Ups make a bunch of Xyz and keep you from playing, they still need to attack you to kill you. Continue reading “Improve your game: You need a win condition”

Improve your game: The deck that beats the best deck doesn’t make it the best

1027681Sometimes I’m asked what deck I’d play if I could play any deck. Well, disregarding deck construction rules, it’d be the five pieces of Exodia and no other cards. For current Advanced, I’m not really liking any of the decks. That happens sometimes, and when it does, I default to what I think the best deck is. Is it really correct to just play the best deck? Or should I be playing a deck that beats a certain deck? Continue reading “Improve your game: The deck that beats the best deck doesn’t make it the best”

Improve your game: 40 cards is the maximum

Give yourself the best chances possible
Give yourself the best chances possible

Before I tell you that you need to have exactly 40 cards in your Main Deck and 15 in your Side Deck, ask yourself if your goal is to win. Whether you’re 6 or 66, you should be playing 40 cards in your Main Deck if you want to win unless you have a good reason or you just don’t care. Continue reading “Improve your game: 40 cards is the maximum”

Improve your game: Shuffle sufficiently

MagicalMallet-RYMP-EN-C-UEIf you’re here, I assume you’re a Yugioh player or want to learn/get better at Yugioh. Maybe you’re a parent of someone playing the game. So, no matter the reason you’re here, you or the people you like that play the game need to watch out for cheaters. Cheaters are not the bad players that don’t know what they’re doing. Cheaters are often the good players that are reducing their variance. Continue reading “Improve your game: Shuffle sufficiently”

Improve your game: Card quality vs advantage

InfiniteCardsRP02-EN-R-UECard advantage is usually defined as how many more cards one player has over the other player. Cards that gain card advantage may not put you ahead in total advantage, but are the cards that get you there. Many card games let both players start with the same amount of cards. Some don’t let the player who goes first draw for their first turn. Some games don’t let the player who goes first attack on the first turn. Yugioh does both of the latter things. While raw card advantage is important, card quality is often more important. Continue reading “Improve your game: Card quality vs advantage”