How to prepare for an upcoming tournament.

Many players ask themselves what they need to do in order to prepare for a tournament. How should you test? Should you test? Going to a tournament unprepared can be stressful. Going to a tournament prepared can be stressful. At least preparing somewhat reduces the stress on you. I’m mostly going to cover how to prepare for tier 2 events, like a regional or YCS, but this can apply to your locals that you attend every week. So let me get into how to prepare for an event. Continue reading “How to prepare for an upcoming tournament.”

Deck of the day: Herald of Ultimate Perfection.

TSHD-EN039 HeraldofPerfectionToday’s deck of the day is Herald Ritual. I honestly don’t know what to call the deck because there are so many variations. Pre-Preparation of Rites was just released and a lot of people are ready to play Ritual Summoning decks again. Herald is really cool because it negates pretty much everything. And Ultimate Herald negates summons, too. Is it viable, though? Continue reading “Deck of the day: Herald of Ultimate Perfection.”

Improve your game: Don’t be lazy

I’m errata’ing all of the other RTFC articles as Improve Your Game and they’ll all be under the category ‘Improve your game’. Now that that is out of the way, I can tell you about today’s Improve Your game. The thing that improved my game the most was to play by the rules. I’m serious. Don’t take shortcuts and play everything out and communicate with your opponent. Continue reading “Improve your game: Don’t be lazy”

Kozmo Wave 4 thoughts

In Clash of Rebellions (CORE) we (the TCG) got two new WP archetypes, Kaiju and Kozmo. Then in Dimension of Chaos (DOCS) and Breakers of Shadow (BOSH) we got two more installments. Next, in Shining Victories(SHVI) we get another installment of Kaiju and Kozmo. So far each time we’ve gotten 4 Kozmo Monsters, a Kozmo Spell/Trap, 2 Kaiju Monsters and a Kaiju Spell/Trap. Today I’m going to talk briefly about all of the new Kozmo cards. Continue reading “Kozmo Wave 4 thoughts”

Stop being a scrub Part 4: Summons

This is my 4th post on how you can improve your game. It started out as what I thought would be a four- or five-part series, but I can think of many possible topics, so going forward, I’m going to put future posts in the Improve your game section. Posts 1, 2 and 3 are already a thing, obviously. This post is here to teach you what a Summon is. Continue reading “Stop being a scrub Part 4: Summons”

How to be G.A.Y. Part 3: Missing the Timing

Before you alert the SJWs, G.A.Y. stands for Good At Yugioh. This is part 3 in my rulings series. Part 1 and Part 2 are written. Parts 4+ are coming. When it’s finished I’ll link it all up, otherwise check out the categories to find future posts. I hope you learn something. Continue reading “How to be G.A.Y. Part 3: Missing the Timing”

Ryan Pasnik’s 17th Place Mermail Atlanteans

MermailAbyssmegalo-ABYR-EN-ScR-1ERyan Pasnik got 17th at a regional out of 280 players. He played Mermail/Atlanteans. While 17th place isn’t spectacular, it is better than 280th or 33rd. Atlanteans are decent or rather triggering them is. Going into the event Ryan told me he felt confident with “Murmail” as they don’t auto lose to the top decks and turns out he only played meta. His matchups were as follows. Continue reading “Ryan Pasnik’s 17th Place Mermail Atlanteans”

Your Burning Abyss deck isn’t good anymore.

The Burning Abyss deck has a lot of problems.

If the deck didn’t have any problems, why would you play anything else? Well, you’re going to lose games to yourself. You can either not play traps and get blown out by stuff like Abyss Dweller or you can play a ton of traps and lose to Twin Twisters because you’re relying on traps to protect you. You only have one Graff, one Tour Guide and two Cir, how are you going to make plays with your precious Burning Abyss deck


Continue reading “Your Burning Abyss deck isn’t good anymore.”