ABC really builds itself (and is not cheap)

abcdragonbuster-sdks-en-ur-1eINOV is coming out and so is my set review for that but I want to look at a truly tuned ABC list. ABC is not super powerful, it’s just a weak Rank 4 deck with the added benefit of summoning ABC-Dragon Buster, which is a really good card, that makes the deck really good. Geargia had a stronger Rank 4 engine but couldn’t summon 3k beaters for free. Although, Geargia had Geargiagear and isn’t really a fair comparison. I miss good Geargia. But that’s irrelevant to this discussion, so let’s talk about tuning a deck list, specifically ABC. Continue reading “ABC really builds itself (and is not cheap)”

Deck of the day: Fullmetalfoes post INOV

fullmetalfoesfusion-inov-en-1e-opIf you’re playing the best deck, you have the highest chances of winning. It’s just that simple. There are other factors that play into your win percentage, like your focus, skill with the deck, skill at the game in general, and whether or not you’re confident or feel like you’re going to lose every match today. If all other factors were the same, there is stillĀ a ‘best deck,’ but I’m not sure if it’s ABC, Metalfoes or some kind of Metalfoes Majespecter build. Regardless of what is actually the best, I want to talk about Metalfoes today and what the deck is capable of doing. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Fullmetalfoes post INOV”

What should you be packing in your side deck for ABC and Metalfoes?

Everyone is on that ABC hype train, and with good reason. I don’t think it’s the deck that can do the most powerful things, but it is fairly resistant to hate, especially post INOV. What hate is there? What other decks are out there? Today let’s take a peek at what the meta is going to look like after Invasion: Vengenace drops. Continue reading “What should you be packing in your side deck for ABC and Metalfoes?”

Card of the day: Dimensional Barrier

dimensionalbarrier-inov-en-1e-opInvasion: Vengence and the new structure decks that drop today bring a lot of things to the table. The structure decks bring ABC and INOV has some notable cards. I talked about Vermillion Dragon Mech before and today it’s time for a new staple to shine. That new staple is Dimensional Barrier and it really is going to have a heavy impact on any deck that uses Rituals, Fusions, Synchro, Xyz or Pendulums to any notable degree. But what does it do? Is it actually that good? Continue reading “Card of the day: Dimensional Barrier”

Deck of the day: Dark Synchro

leveleater-sr01-en-c-1eI like decks that play themselves. Hear me out. If you have to make a ton of decisions every turn, you’ll get tired of making decisions. It’s called decision fatigue and it’s a very real thing. I like complicated decks because they let me do tons and tons of things, but simple decks are really just a breath of fresh air when they happen. Dark Synchro is really fun but is not a simple deck. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Let’s get into what the deck does. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Dark Synchro”

Card of the day: Vermillion Dragon Mech

wecanrebuildit-wehavethetechnologyI’m not going to complain about WP cards being the best way to get people excited for new product in the West because we’ve seen the other 80 cards from the set months in advance. I promise that’s not what today is about. Today is about Vermillion Dragon Mech and it’s the perfect Level 9 Synchro that I’ve been waiting years for. It’s not amazing, but rather, generic enough to be strong. Continue reading “Card of the day: Vermillion Dragon Mech”

Deck of the day: Metalfoes

metalfoesfusion-tdil-en-sr-1eIt’s about time I talk about Metalfoes. Igknights made their debut in CORE. They were all Normal Monsters that destroyed themselves in the Pendulum Zone (both Igknights) to search any FIRE Warrior. Metalfoes are the fixed Igknights. And by fixed, I mean Konami made a better archetype. Metalfoes are all Normals that can destroy another face-up card to set a Metalfoes Spell/Trap from your deck. Pretty good. Let’s get into the deck and your options. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Metalfoes”

Deck of the day: Star Seraph Herald feat. Ben 10

TSHD-EN039 HeraldofPerfectionI’ve played more than my fair share of Herald builds and seen even more. I thought I found a build I liked until I looked around a little more and discovered just how good Benten is. Herald obviously needs a lot of fairies. I’ve played builds with Agents and Hyperion, builds with Spirits, builds with Advanced Ritual Art, builds with other janky fairies, builds with Star Seraphs. None have really felt right, even with Pre-Prep and Ritual Sanctuary. The hot tech I was looking for was Cyber Angel Benten. With the inclusion of Benten I’d be fairly happy taking Herald to any local tournament. I’d rather play Burning Abyss with Rhinos or Phantom Knights because Burning Abyss is just the best engine right now and combats everything. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my build. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Star Seraph Herald feat. Ben 10”

Meta snapshot: ARG Oklahoma City

cameraclops-bpw2-na-sr-1eI’d like to do more metagame snapshots but I simply don’t have the time. Too many deck lists are made public, but they’re too random. Konami has no back log of them publicly, which I believe they should. TCGPlayer isn’t updated with all of the deck lists. is cumbersome to use and also doesn’t get all of the information. They also don’t tell you any information. I’m about to. Continue reading “Meta snapshot: ARG Oklahoma City”