What is a scrub?

ScrubbedRaid-DP09-EN-SR-1EWhat is a scrub? Who is a scrub? Are you a scrub? What does a scrub do? I asked on my Facebook how you define a scrub, but I got no replies. That’s okay, because I’m about to explain what a scrub is, what they do and how you can stop being a scrub. Scrubs try to play on a competitive level, but make excuses for their failures and are often Timmies or Johnnies. They assume a certain way to play is the correct way, and that all other ways are cheap or for noobs. Scrubs are unwilling to ‘play dirty’ even if it is within the rules. Continue reading “What is a scrub?”

Meet Timmy, Johnny and Spike

ImageWelcome to the player profile support group. We all have problems and that’s okay.

Spike: “Hi. My name is Spike and I play to win.”

Timmy: “Hi. I’m Timmy and I just like overextending.”

Johnny: “I’m Johnny and I just want my sweet combo to go off.”

You are one of these types of players. I’m a Spike. Maybe you really only fit in one camp, maybe two, maybe all three. Mark Rosewater, lead designer of most Magic sets, fully explains these psycho-graphic profiles in much better detail than I probably can. He’s had more time to understand these theories because Magic is 10 years older than Yugioh and he was never trying to understand anything other than how to play until 2012 or so. Continue reading “Meet Timmy, Johnny and Spike”

March 2013 Format Rules

MechaPhantomBeastDracossack-LTGY-EN-ScR-1EAre you tired of the current format? Seeing the same decks topping events? Really want to test your skill? Sure, Goat Control mirrors can be skillful, but what about when they open Duo, Graceful, Serpent, Greed and Magician of Faith? That hand is pretty nutty. Might not happen often, but it can. Play the NAWCQ 2013 format. It is one of the most skillful formats in the game’s history. Spellbooks and Dragon Rulers might be the best decks, but there are other options, too. Continue reading “March 2013 Format Rules”

Card of the day: Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin

MajespecterUnicornKirin-DOCS-EN-R-1EIt’s been so long since the last card of the day I had to check which one it was. It was Angel Trumpeter. Today’s card of the day actually has an effect. It’s Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin. Majespecter has never been too oppressive and in general a pretty fair deck. The deck can only get rid of monsters, has relatively small monsters, is slow but all of the monsters are recurring and can’t be targeted or destroyed. It’s decent but fair. All of the Majespecter monsters are more than fair, except for Kirin. Continue reading “Card of the day: Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin”

Improve your game: Shuffle sufficiently

MagicalMallet-RYMP-EN-C-UEIf you’re here, I assume you’re a Yugioh player or want to learn/get better at Yugioh. Maybe you’re a parent of someone playing the game. So, no matter the reason you’re here, you or the people you like that play the game need to watch out for cheaters. Cheaters are not the bad players that don’t know what they’re doing. Cheaters are often the good players that are reducing their variance. Continue reading “Improve your game: Shuffle sufficiently”

Set review: Starter Deck Yuya

YS16-DeckENMany Yugioh players ask the question, “Is Starter Deck Yuya worth it?” The product description page proudly talks about the new Performapal Sleight Hand Magician and touts reprints like Lightning Vortex, Book of Moon and Pendulum Reborn, but doesn’t mention the reprints that are actually good. the full set list can be found here. So, let’s get into it. Continue reading “Set review: Starter Deck Yuya”

Casual Corner: Burgesstoma

BurgesstomaAnomalocaris-CORE-KR-SR-1EDo you like one for one exchanges? They’re not bad. But do you like getting a monster every time you activate anything? Burgesstoma do just that. They’re all Normal Traps that summon themselves when you activate another trap! Their trap effects do just about everything too. They’re also based off mega old dinosaur age sea creatures. But other than make Rank 2s, what can you do with them? Please note all names are subject to change. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Burgesstoma”

Deck of the day: Herald of Ultimate Perfection.

TSHD-EN039 HeraldofPerfectionToday’s deck of the day is Herald Ritual. I honestly don’t know what to call the deck because there are so many variations. Pre-Preparation of Rites was just released and a lot of people are ready to play Ritual Summoning decks again. Herald is really cool because it negates pretty much everything. And Ultimate Herald negates summons, too. Is it viable, though? Continue reading “Deck of the day: Herald of Ultimate Perfection.”

Amorphage are cool. I hate that cool archetypes are bad.

DracoFaceOff-BOSH-EN-C-1ELuster Pendulum and Master Pendulum are the LIGHT commanders of the FIRE, WIND and WATER armies of the Igknight, Majespecter and Dinomist. That’s four of the six attributes, where are the DARK and EARTH guys at? The Dracoverlords have DARK covered and our Draconnected EARTH attribute archetype in Shining Victories (SHVI) They’re about on equal power level as Dinomist and unfortunately probably won’t see competitive play. If you don’t know what they do yet, read on and I’ll explain them. Continue reading “Amorphage are cool. I hate that cool archetypes are bad.”