Darklords (and the rest of Destiny Soldiers) suck, FYI

darklordmorningstar-deso-en-scr-1eDESO is out and we got some new Destiny HEROs, Abyss Actors and Darklords. Today is not for the former two, nor is it a set review, it’s more of a Darklord guide and different options you can take. I’m not going to definitively say anything on the deck because I strongly believe it belongs in the trash and doesn’t actually do anything relevant against the meta. With that said, the deck is still fun if you like summoning 2500-2900 ATK monsters with mostly irrelevant effects and sometimes Kristya. Continue reading “Darklords (and the rest of Destiny Soldiers) suck, FYI”

Deck of the day: Dark Magicians

darkmagician-ygld-en-ur-1eIt’s time for deck of the day again. Now that Eternal Soul is legal, maybe Dark Magician can compete. The magician that needs no introduction is not spectacular by any means and shouldn’t see play. Is the new support good enough to force me to play Dark Magician? Probably not, but we’ll take a look anyways. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Dark Magicians”

Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update

here-come-dat-boiI have so much disdain for the TCG/OCG divide. It’s not good for the game. I believe it’ll be part of Yugioh’s eventual downfall if it doesn’t change. But it exists, and like YCS prize cards and inconsistent F&L lists, I have to deal with it because I love the game. Treatoad exists. Japan got it July 9th and we will get it in November. People will have been hyping Treatoad for more than four months when it finally releases. And by the time it releases, no one will care. But this is the casual Yugioh community. Continue reading “Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update”

Are the 2016 Mega Tins worth it?

It’s that time again. A new set just released with new cards. I disagree with new cards being introduced to the main competitive format in something other than sets and stuff like structure decks, but you could do worse than regular print run tins. Like prize cards and books. Those are worse than tins. I have a lot of readers from the U.K., Germany, Australia and Italy. None of them can use Utopia the Lightning. Regardless, the new stuff is in a tin and is legal in all of the TCG. What’s in it? Is it worth the $19.99 that Konami is asking?


Continue reading “Are the 2016 Mega Tins worth it?”

Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs

DestinyDraw-RYMP-EN-ScR-UEWelcome to Casual Corner. Today I’ll be looking at three versions of Destiny HEROs. I received an email from a guy named Adam asking if I would consider looking at Destiny HEROs. So I decided to try out some different Destiny HERO builds. Adam never gave me a deck list, so I had to start from scratch. He requested I not just make another Diamond Dude deck and that I try to make something with Blade Master. Adam lucked out because he emailed me right as I was preparing to launch my Patreon. It’s just a way to help keep writing content for you guys here. One of the rewards is to deck doctor your decks. I’ve set the limit to four for now, but I may increase the amount I do if it’s popular. So, let’s get to Destiny HEROs. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs”

Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II

TDIL-BoosterENLast post, I started the set review for TDIL. Many cards are bad, but that’s nothing new. I went over cards 001 to 040. Today, it’s time for cards 41 to 80. What I say is my opinion. If you disagree with anything, let me know. I’m always willing to discuss where I’m wrong because I get to learn something. Pictures coming when good scans exist. I have nothing more to add in regards to an introduction, so let’s get to it with Wrecker Panda. Continue reading “Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II”

Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part III

MVP1-BoosterENWelcome back to Part III of the Dark Side of Dimensions movie pack review. Today I’ll be looking at all of the Cubic cards. I guess they’re used by the antagonist in the movie? The cards aren’t competitive, so they won’t get a competitive rating. They’re pretty much straight garbage. And the Armageddon Knight-esque one isn’t even in the movie pack and that’s probably the best one. We’ll probably get it sometime, but for now, with two different games, the TCG has no announcements of it. It could come out anytime, though. Konami likes to wait until the cards are almost released to tell us about them. Continue reading “Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part III”

Casual Corner: Monster Munch

This is a Monster Mash
This is a Monster Mash

Madolche are sweet. Literally. They’re all desserts. They’re not deserts, as I’ve seen many people say online. What kind of sweet treats have people come up with? There was Trick-or-Treat, which was pretty spooky and used the Ghostricks as a stalling engine until Tiaramisu could do her thing. Spell Striker OTK used Spell Striker to extend plays, hence the name. Pop Rocks abused Brilliant Fusion to make OTKs, and at the UK Nationals we saw Monster Munch. Monster Munch uses the Kaiju monsters to solve the problems that Madolche has. Madolche is easily stopped. I know it’s not actually Monster Munch, but that ice cream is what I think of because I’m American and not British. Monster Munch is a British snack.  Continue reading “Casual Corner: Monster Munch”

A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3

XYZDragonCannon-JP-Anime-DM-NCToday isn’t card of the day, it’s archetype of the day. Okay, not a true archetype because they don’t share a naming convention, but it’s the AtoZ group. In late 2003, we got X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ and XYZ. They’re a series of LIGHT Machine-Type monsters. X is a Normal Monster, Y and Z are unions, and the combinations are the Fusion Monsters that don’t require Polymerization. Instead you banish the materials that you control. Then in 2005, we got V, W, VW and VWXYZ. Now, a few days ago, Japan got A, B, C and ABC. ABC series is way better than VWXYZ. Continue reading “A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3”

Casual Corner: Lightsworn (June 2016)

JudgmentDragon-SDLI-EN-C-1EWelcome back to the casual corner. Each time I pick someone’s pet deck and try to make it less bad. This time, it’s mine, Lightsworn. This is casual corner so more than 40 cards is fine, and sub-optimal choices are fine because playing the casual deck isn’t optimal. If you aren’t familiar with the Lightsworn cards yet, I’ll explain them briefly, but you really should go read them. Get very intimate with Judgment Dragon. It wins games. Maybe I’ll do some kind of Lightsworn build every format because I really like them. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Lightsworn (June 2016)”