Card(s) of the day: Dark Magician of Chaos

This is the first Card(s) of the day. I’m shifting my content to do content Monday through Friday. It will be slightly shorter, but every day (hopefully) so you can check back every day and make it part of your daily routine. I’ll still have longer articles. I’m planning for it to go up on Sundays. My plan now is to do this through May. Longer if it works.

Invasion of Chaos (IOC) came out in March of 2004, and with it came the chaos monsters. Dark Magician of Chaos is a chaos monster. It came out in Invasion of Chaos and has “chaos” in the name. Shortly after, DMoC was limited and remained limited until 2008 when it was forbidden, never to be seen again. Until 2016. Fast forward to April of 2016, Dark Magician of Chaos is unlimited, for the first time in 12 years.

dark magician of chaos
My girlfriend saw this picture and said he needs to eat a sandwich.

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