Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you’re having a happy, stress-free Christmas. If you’re not, I hope it’s because you’re celebrating another holiday. Regardless, today’s card of the day has to be Santa Claws, there’s just not another card that fits as nicely as Santa Claws. Sure, there’s stuff like Space Gift, Gift Card, Token Sundae, Token Feastevil, and the one we missed, Token Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”

Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon

MysticalSpaceTyphoon-MRL-NA-UR-1EIt’s not often that the best one for one Spell/Trap removal in the game is contested. For most of Yugioh’s history, Mystical Space Typhoon is the only Spell/Trap removal you need. Other than big sweepers like Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade and Cold Wave, MST has been the best and usually the only one people used. Anything like Twister or Dust Tornado was used because it fit the theme of the deck better than MST, or as more copies of MST than you’re allowed. So, copies four through six. Or copies two or three when MST was limited. This is a top ten list – and like any top ten list – it’s my opinion and not based on strict facts. If you disagree or I forgot something, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into the top ten cards like MST. Continue reading “Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon”

We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?

TellarknightVatlamyus-INOV-JP-OPTellarknights are old news. Shaddolls are old news. Qliphorts are old news. Infernoids are old news. Why are Tellarknights getting a card that’s Construct with a Darth Maul-like body made out of Tierra and Tierra looks like it’s made out of the same Qli robot materials? On the whole though, I don’t care about story. It doesn’t affect gameplay. I’m unsure of why people are getting so excited over cards coming out in November. Yugioh players seem to forget what is actually soon. The Movie Pack, Felgrand Structure Deck and The Dark Illusion are all July. Continue reading “We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?”

Card of the day: Hope Harbinger Dragon

Number38HopeHarbingerDragonTitanicGalaxy-PGL3-EN-GScR-1EWe’re back for another card of the day. And by we, I mean you, the reader, and me, Big Eye. Any sort of entertainment medium isn’t anything without its audience. So, thanks. Today’s card of the day is a generic Rank 8 that takes two materials. It’s Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy. Hope Harbinger has the same stats as Blue-Eyes, except it’s an Xyz with an effect without a level. Also, it’s Harbinger. Not Harbringer. It’s not bringing any hars. A harbinger is the forerunner of something, or announcing the arrival of something. So Hope Harbinger Dragon is the dragon announcing the coming of hope. Continue reading “Card of the day: Hope Harbinger Dragon”

Cards of the day: Gameciel & Kumongous

GamecieltheSeaTurtleKaiju-DOCS-EN-R-1EToday’s card of the day is actually two cards. The first released last August in Clash of Rebellion. The other, three months later in Dimensions of Chaos. The two cards are Gameciel and Kumongous. While the other Kaiju monsters are effective, all have 2700 or more ATK. Gameciel and Kumongous in particular, are weak enough that you can run them over with pretty much any monster. The Kaijus aren’t being featured because it’s a good deck. It’s not. I’ve tried to make it work, and competitively, it’s just not viable. You can try casually, and it’d be okay. Continue reading “Cards of the day: Gameciel & Kumongous”

Card of the day: Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin

MajespecterUnicornKirin-DOCS-EN-R-1EIt’s been so long since the last card of the day I had to check which one it was. It was Angel Trumpeter. Today’s card of the day actually has an effect. It’s Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin. Majespecter has never been too oppressive and in general a pretty fair deck. The deck can only get rid of monsters, has relatively small monsters, is slow but all of the monsters are recurring and can’t be targeted or destroyed. It’s decent but fair. All of the Majespecter monsters are more than fair, except for Kirin. Continue reading “Card of the day: Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin”

Card of the day: Angel Trumpeter

SHVI-EN001Today’s card of the day is a card I didn’t expect to be relevant so soon. It’s Angel Trumpeter. Angel Trumpeter is an EARTH Level 4 Plant-Type Normal Tuner Monster with 1900 ATK and 1600 DEF. That’s it. Nothing more to it. No effect to speak of. However, Angel Trumpeter doesn’t actually stop there. It’s a Normal Monster and a Tuner. The things you can do with it already are amazing. Of course, there could be more interactions if it had 0 DEF, was a LIGHT/DARK or something, but plenty of cards aren’t LIGHT/DARK and don’t have 0 DEF and are still good. Continue reading “Card of the day: Angel Trumpeter”

Cards of the day: Mega Thestalos and Frost Blast

Whether or not you’re playing Monarchs and whether or not the version being played has an extra deck, there are two cards you need to consider and/or watch out for if you’re playing Monarchs or against Monarchs. Those two cards are Frost Blast of the Monarchs and Thestalos the Mega Monarch. If you don’t know what they do, it’s time to read them. Continue reading “Cards of the day: Mega Thestalos and Frost Blast”

Cards of the day: Red, Green and Yellow Gadget

I only played casually in 2007, but I do remember buying a few of the Ancient Gear structure deck because Ancient Gear Golem is cool as heck, and in that structure deck was a series of monsters that made my newly constructed “Ancient Gear Deck” better than my friend’s Elemental HERO deck. Those monsters were Green Gadget, Red Gadget and Yellow Gadget. Cards like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force and Dark Hole didn’t mean anything to my Gadgets because I always had more Gadgets to summon, and when I drew Ultimate Offering with a Gadjiltron Dragon or Ancient Gear Golem, the was pretty much over in like 5 more turns. Oh, to not know what meta is.AllOutAttacks-TF04-JP-VG Continue reading “Cards of the day: Red, Green and Yellow Gadget”

Card of the day: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

We don't have a better English picture yet
We don’t have a better English picture yet

Now that we have an official English name for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, we can officially talk about it. Everyone is saying this card single-handedly kills Burning Abyss and it kind of does, but I want to talk about how to play against it instead of complaining that it ruins Yugioh. Continue reading “Card of the day: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries”