Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs

DestinyDraw-RYMP-EN-ScR-UEWelcome to Casual Corner. Today I’ll be looking at three versions of Destiny HEROs. I received an email from a guy named Adam asking if I would consider looking at Destiny HEROs. So I decided to try out some different Destiny HERO builds. Adam never gave me a deck list, so I had to start from scratch. He requested I not just make another Diamond Dude deck and that I try to make something with Blade Master. Adam lucked out because he emailed me right as I was preparing to launch my Patreon. It’s just a way to help keep writing content for you guys here. One of the rewards is to deck doctor your decks. I’ve set the limit to four for now, but I may increase the amount I do if it’s popular. So, let’s get to Destiny HEROs.

When I think of Destiny HEROs the first cards that come to mind are Malicious, Destiny Draw, Stratos, Plaguespreader, DmoC, Divine Sword Phoenix Blade, Dimension Fusion, Dark Armed Dragon, Disk Commander, Diamond Dude, Dasher and Defender. The first bunch of cards all saw competitive play. Defender is the only one that hasn’t but I used to play it in a HERO deck years ago because 2700 DEF is too much. Card advantage doesn’t mean anything when it’s 2006 and you’re playing with friends on the carpet floor while playing Resident Evil. Now it’s 2016 and Destiny HEROs are nowhere to be seen. The TCG hasn’t had any news about Destiny HERO cards, so I’m going to pretend they don’t exist.

Unfortunately, Diamond Dude is the best Destiny HERO and the reason you see ‘Diamond Dude decks’ everywhere is because you can do stuff like put Destiny Draw on top of your deck with Plaguespreader and then activate Diamond Dude to draw cards. Most Destiny HERO decks just need a Level 4 Destiny HERO to turn on other cards in the deck, like Destiny Draw, Xyz plays, Mask Change, Dogma, etc. You can replace Diamond Dude with another Level 4 Destiny HERO, like Fear Monger or Defender, or the new jank, but Diamond Dude really is the best. Plus, none of the Diamond Dude decks are actually Diamond Dude decks. It’s not critical to the deck, it just fills the role better than any other Level 4 Destiny HERO.

I have three Destiny HERO decks I came up with, none are very good, but I’m going to start with the worst. All three have the common theme of Shadow Mist, Dark Law and Summoner Monk. I know Shadow Mist isn’t a Destiny HERO, but it’s like an honorary Destiny HERO. Plus, Mask Change doesn’t care what HERO it puts a mask on.

I used to run a Dreadmaster with some Doom Lord, a Dasher, some Diamond Dudes and a Defender years ago. It wasn’t good, but I was just playing with a few friends. I built the deck because I saw Clock Tower Prison and thought that preventing all battle damage forever was crazy good. It would be if it didn’t take four turns to get to. Luckily, we have the internet and can look at all of the D-HEROs.

dhero dreadmaster


2 Destiny HERO – Dreadmaster
2 Destiny HERO – Plasma
1 Destiny HERO – Dogma
2 Destiny HERO – Dread Servant
2 Destiny HERO – Blade Master
1 Destiny HERO – Doom Lord
2 Destiny HERO – Dasher
2 Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude
3 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
2 Summoner Monk
1 Dark Armed Dragon


3 Clock Tower Prison
3 Terraforming
3 Destiny Draw
3 Mask Change
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Trade-In
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Soul Charge


2 Mirror Force


3 Masked HERO Dark Law
1-3 Masked HERO Anki
9-11 Rank 4 Xyzs that you can summon
Maybe a Rank 3 or Rank 8
I like these:
Gagaga Cowboy
Abyss Dweller
Daigusto Emeral
Diamond Dire Wolf
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
Number 66: Master Key Beetle
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Number 39: Utopia
Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
Number S39: Utopia Prime / Number C39: Utopia Ray

The skeleton for all three builds is Diamond Dude, Shadow Mist, Summoner Monk, Dark Armed, Destiny Draw, Reinforcement of the Army, Mask Change, Allure and Soul Charge. It’s just all good cards that work pretty nicely together. They do things and make Rank 4s while still being able to summon Dark Law all the time. I know Dark Law isn’t a Destiny HERO, but it’s a DARK and it’s a HERO, so close enough?

Dreadmaster is pretty bad, but this is casual corner and we’re having fun with this D-HERO build. Plus, we’re running Clock Tower Prison. Two copies of Plasma and a Dogma are also Level 8, like Dreadmaster, making all three monsters legal payment for both Destiny Draw and Trade-In. Don’t forget we have two Allure of Darkness. A third Trade-In can be added if you want. I’ve played three Trade-In with only three Grapha and a Malefic Stardust for cards to discard, and that was fine. Two Dread Servant gives us an extra counter for Clock Tower early and can destroy Clock Tower to release Dreadmaster from his prison. Dreadmaster can get pretty big, but it’s only original ATK. Blade Master is in here because he’s a cool dude and can sometimes surprise your opponent, like Kalut, but less good. Doom Lord is really good against Xyz Monsters because they come back without materials, and of course, they come back on a long delay. Double Dasher is in the deck because it’s something that’s good to summon back with Dreadmaster. Mirror Force is the only defense in the deck. Everyone knows Mirror Force is the best trap in the game. For those that aren’t competitive, Mirror Force is not the best trap. Nowhere near the best, however, you can get rid of a lot of monsters, save your own, save Dreadmaster, save Dark Law and save your LP. And most casual players are not trying to make reads on backrow, so Mirror Force is always a surprise, which is why it appears so good.

The actual composition of the Extra Deck doesn’t really matter if you’re not playing competitively. I’d just suggest three Dark Laws and whatever Rank 4s you can get your hands on. Don’t spend more money on Xyz and whatnot if you really don’t need them. As far as playing the deck goes, it’s pretty simple. Don’t set your spells unless you’re going to use the Mask Change because Summoner Monk can discard them if you happen to draw the Monk. Don’t be afraid to get rid of your monsters to your draw spells. If you detach Shadow Mist as an Xyz Material, it can trigger and search you a Destiny HERO/Level 8/DARK monster for your draw spells. It can also search the other Level 3 or 4 HEROs to turn into Dark Law if you have Mask Change. I wouldn’t take this deck to a tournament, but I certainly had fun testing the deck.

Next up is a slightly less bad, but still-not-very-good deck. I had the most fun with this one out of the three decks I came up with. The goal here is to summon lots of HERO fusions and then win with those fusions.

dhero destiny end dragoons


3 Destiny HERO – Dogma
3 Destiny HERO – Plasma
2 Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude / other Level 4 Destiny HERO
2 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
2 Elemental HERO Prisma
2 Elemental HERO Blazeman
2 Summoner Monk
1 Dark Armed Dragon


3 A Hero Lives
3 Destiny Draw
3 Trade-In
2 Allure of Darkness
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Soul Charge
3 Mask Change
3 Miracle Fusion
3 Polymerization


1 Vanity’s Emptiness


1 Destiny End Dragoons
1 Elemental HERO Core
1 Masked HERO Anki
1 Elemental HERO Nova Master (I think it’s my favorite E-HERO)
2 Elemental HERO The Shining
2 Elemental HERO Escuridao
2 Masked HERO Dark Law
1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle
1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
2 Daigusto Emeral

Okay, this deck just wants to summon Destiny End Dragoons. Prisma can’t reveal any of the Fusion Monsters that don’t name a specific monster to send something. Sorry, you can’t reveal The Shining or Escuridao to send any LIGHT or DARK. That’d be too good and probably viable. If you’re playing casually, I’m not going to encourage you to not tell your friends that Prisma can’t reveal the other fusions, but I can’t stop you. Again, Diamond Dude is the Level 4 Destiny HERO of choice because we run 19 Normal Spells that he can hit. I’d run every single one if Diamond Dude had no effect, but Diamond Dude hitting any one is great. You still have to resolve the negative parts of Allure and Soul Charge, but the other draw cards and A Hero Lives are pure upside. Miracle Fusion and Polymerization require you to have the materials, but that’s not too hard.

As far as play tips, hold your Spell Cards for Monk. Blazeman can dump Shadow Mist, search a Destiny HERO/Level 8/DARK for your draw spells, or fusion materials. Then, after you’ve sent the Shadow Mist, Blazeman will be DARK for Mask Change. I originally had Safe Zone in here, which I’ll get to, but Emptiness is all you need. Either build this in real life, or on a dueling client and just try it out. No, it’s not competitive, but summoning Destiny End Dragoons feels great, especially if you can plop down a Dark Law and Nova Master next to it. And, remember, Miracle Fusion can only be used for Elemental HERO Fusion Monsters.

And what’s the third deck? Probably the best one. It’s the most reminiscent of Tele-DAD from 2008, but it doesn’t use any Psychics. I tried Teleports, but with it Semi-Limited, it’s not worth the space. Krebons is the only DARK and doesn’t do much by itself. Re-Cover and Krebons could be not bad, but Emergency Teleport isn’t unlimited.

dhero synchro


2 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
2 Elemental HERO Bubbleman
2 Destiny HERO Diamond Dude
3 Destiny HERO Malicious
1 Destiny HERO Doom Lord
1 Dark Armed Dragon
2 Dark Grepher
1 Armageddon Knight
2 Summoner Monk
2 Plaguespreader Zombie


1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Foolish Burial
1 Soul Charge
3 Destiny Draw
3 A Hero Lives
3 Mask Change
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Galaxy Cyclone


2 Crush Card Virus
3 Safe Zone
1 Vanity’s Emptiness


2 Masked HERO Dark Law
1 Masked HERO Anki
1 Masked HERO Acid
1 Coral Dragon
0-1 Stardust Spark Dragon
1-2 PSY-Framelord Omega
1-2 Void Ogre Dragon
0-1 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Daigusto Emeral
-2 Lavalval Chain-
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle
1 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

The Extra Deck is much tighter than the main deck. Dark Law is just a good card. Anki is needed sometimes because it’s 2800. Bubbleman can become Acid and Feather Duster your opponent. Vapor is the only other Masked HERO, but it doesn’t put in enough work, or even come up enough to actually want. Goyo Guardian and Nothung are strong, but Coral Dragon is the new best Level 6. It destroys things and combos nicely with all of your deck. Make Bubbleman the last card in hand, discard Shadow Mist to trigger it, discard Malicious/Plague so you can use it, discard the third DARK to summon Dark Armed Dragon. Stardust Spark is just nice with Emptiness/Safe Zone. I rarely make it, but it’s still good. It’s necessary to have at least one PSY-Framelord Omega. It can shuffle back the lone Emeral if that dies. It also puts back Plaguespreader/Malicious to make more Synchros. It also slowly fuels Dark Armed Dragon’s destruction. Void Ogre and Beelze are both good. Beelze is better in casual games where there is usually more destruction and less stuff that gets rid of monsters without destroying them. Shi En was limited once because it was too strong. Two 3000/3000 Shi Ens is even stronger, but you need to have no cards in hand. I can see only playing one Void Ogre Dragon. All of the other Level 8 Synchros don’t put in enough work for me to justify putting them in the deck, but if you want to, you can. The only other Rank 4s I would want are either forbidden, like Lavalval Chain and Shock Master, or aren’t so good in casual games, like Abyss Dweller.

You don’t need three Shadow Mist. With three you see too many and end up unable to use all of them. Two Bubbleman just help with Rank 4s. I’d be happier about including them if there was no Extra Deck limit. That way, I could include every single Rank 4 ever, stuff like Blade Armor Ninja and also add Miracle Fusions to make Absolute Zero. Mask Changing Absolute Zero into Acid is stupid. You upgrade your monster by 100 ATK and trade your Mask Change for their whole field. Talk about washing away the competition and their chances of winning drying up. Get it? WATER attribute puns. I know the Destiny HERO engine is small, there are only six. You can run a Plasma if you’d like. And if I’m completely honest, this is the best way to use Destiny HEROs, a small engine that’s part of a bigger plan. Dark Armed is mandatory in most DARK decks. Grephers, Armageddon Knight and Monks are also mandatory alongside the Maliciouses and Plagues. They’re the best DARK synergy Level 4 engine. They saw play in Infernity because they’re good. The Spell Cards are pretty standard except for Galaxy Cyclone. It’s a Normal Spell that can be used twice. It can also be used twice if you hit it off of Diamond Dude. Feel free to run something like Night Beam or any of the Quick-Play Spell/Trap destruction cards here if you don’t want to use Diamond Dude. Crush Card is a good card and you have eight tributes for it. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but Malicious will surprise you with how often using Malicious for an extra Mask Change or Crush Card will come up. Safe Zone and Emptiness combo nicely with most of your Extra Deck, meaning Dark Law, Stardust Spark, Void Ogre and Key Beetle.

Playing this deck is less straight-forward than the other two. It’s easier once you start learning some combos. If you can search with Shadow Mist, you can search Malicious and discard it to Special Summon Grepher. Grepher, Mali + DARK sets up three DARKs for Dark Armed. All of your HERO monsters can turn into Dark Law, except Bubbleman. Once you’ve used all of your Maliciouses, you can put them in grave with Omega, then back in your deck with Emeral for more use. Coral Dragon can discard Malicious, then make a Rank 6. I don’t run any, but it’s a thing you can do. Get in the habit of Special Summoning your monsters in attack position because you’ll want to attack with them, then play Mask Change for a little more damage. You can Mask Change Dark Law into Dark Law. Keep your Spells in hand to discard for Monk and Coral Dragon. Play with Lavalval Chain if your friends will let you.

I appreciate the time you took to read all of this. Adam, I’m sorry that these all include Diamond Dude and only one includes Blade Master, but people play Diamond Dude because it’s good and not Blade Master because it’s bad. Just use something else, like Fear Monger. I’m also a little sorry that PSY-Framelord Omega, Emeral and Coral Dragon aren’t as cheap as Dark Rebellion. If you enjoyed this type of post, I want to deck doctor your decks, but I can’t do everyone’s deck. That’s why it’s a reward on my Patreon. Would you notice if $1 disappeared from your bank account every month? Probably not. Would you notice if I no longer wrote articles, or wrote like one every month? … probably, maybe … Let’s just go with yes.

Second outro? Yeah. I’m going on a mini vacation with my family for the first time this summer, so I’m skipping posts until Friday. So, until then, pick up a Coral Dragon, it’s good, try out these D-HERO builds and check out the Patreon.


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  1. Thanks a bunch! Don’t worry about the Diamond Dude and Blade Master thing, I understand that Diamond Dude is usually the best for the deck you’re trying to run, and to be honest I didn’t expect you to include Blade Master even once – he really is super bad, even as a surprise ATK boost. I mostly asked about him because he’s my personal favorite, bad or not. If you’re up for it, I had two other challenges I wanted to ask about, along with two other deck types. Sorry if I seem kind of pushy or rude about it, I just like seeing what people come up with when using certain restrictions and being forced to think outside their box. The first challenge would be to build a deck that uses at least one of each type of HERO monster – Elemental, Destiny, Evil, Masked, and Vision. The catch is that you can only use two non-HERO monsters – one in your Main Deck and one in your Extra Deck. Obviously, it would hardly be considered as half-competent in a competitive format, but it can be fun to screw around with in casual play. The second challenge would be to build a deck that uses at least two copies of all four of the Sasuke Samurai cards. Again, not worth anything competitive but probably weirdly fun for casual. The two archetypes I would love to see you cover here some time would be two of my five pet archetypes – Ancient Gears and Charmers. Obviously, HERO cards are one of the other three, followed by Ghostricks(SKELETON BANISH FOR DAYS) and an archetype that doesn’t really count, as I’ve been making the cards up on my own so it doesn’t exist. ANyways, thanks again, you’ve given me some really good ideas for my D-HERO deck, have fun on your vacation!

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