Casual Corner: Buster Blader

Welcome to the Yugioh Casual Corner, where I go over a more casual deck that might be able to function at a local level, but more importantly, is fun as hell. Older Yugioh archetypes like Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes and Black Luster Soldier all received legacy support, but their support was all bad. Now, in Breakers of Shadow, it’s Buster Blader that gets legacy Yugioh support with the Destruction Swords. Some are good, most are bad. But we’re going to build it anyways because this is Casual Corner, damn it.

The OG  BusterBladertheDestructionSwordmaster-BOSH-EN-UR-1E

I was asked if a Buster Blader deck was viable for locals. And after some searching around I saw three variants of Buster Blader decks: Pure, Magician and Dragunity. I thoroughly tested many builds of all three and I’ve come to the same conclusion that most competitive Yugioh players have. Buster Blader is trash. But surely there has to be a best build for the deck? Yes, there is. Undoubtedly Dragunity is the best version because it has synergy with the Buster Blader cards. Pure bricks more than Monarchs and the Pendulum Magician version is basically a worse Odd-Eyes Magician deck. Why make your deck worse on purpose? Just forget about the Pendulums. Play Dragunity. Ravine is super now, why not? Because you like winning? Well if you aren’t playing Yugioh for fun, I write other content.

So I’ll show you the list I’ve been running, and then I’ll explain what everything does, because what Yugioh player knows what Buster Blader does? I didn’t.

buster blader deck

3 Buster Blader
1 Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster
3 Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman
3 Dragon Buster Destruction Sword
3 Dragunity Dux
3 Dragunity Arma Mystletainn
2 Dragunity Phalanx

2 Dragon Ravine
3 Chicken Game
2 Terraforming
3 Cards of Consonance
2 Destruction Swordsman Fusion
1 Foolish Burial
3 Twin Twisters
3 Upstart Goblin

3 Solemn Strike

EXTRA DECK: 15 – (2 Fusion, 3 Xyz, 10 Synchro)
2 Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman
3 Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana
2 Buster Dragon (Might run 3)
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Stardust Spark Dragon/Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend
1 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss
1 Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand

So now that you see all the Buster Blader cards, I’ll cover what they do now.

Buster Blader
EARTH/Level 7/Warrior/2600/2300
-Gains 500 ATK for each dragon on your opponent’s side of the field and in their grave.

Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster
EARTH/Level 7/Warrior/2600/2300
-same stats as the original Buster Blader, BB from here on out.
-is “Buster Blader” while on field or in grave
-if an opponent’s monster(s) is destroyed and sent to grave, you can equip it to him
-send 1 equipped monster; destroy all monsters your opponent controls with the same Type as that monster’s

Toon Buster Blader
EARTH/Level 7/Warrior/2600/2300
-can’t attack the turn it’s summoned
-gains 500 ATK for each dragon opponent controls and in their grave
-if you control “Toon World” and you opponent controls no Toons, can attack directly

Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman
LIGHT/Level 1/Dragon/Tuner/400/300
-when normal summoned, search 1 “Destruction Sword”, except itself
-Tribute itself; Special Summon “Buster Blader” from hand/grave
-if in grave and you control “Buster Blader”: discard “Destruction Sword” card; Special Summon this card
-Dragon Ruler clause on effs 2 and 3

Dragon Buster Destruction Sword
DARK/Level 1/Dragon/Tuner/400/300
-target 1 “Buster Blader”; equip this to it from hand/field
-while equipped to a monster, your opponent cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck
-can Special Summon itself from an equipped monster, can only use this effect once per turn

Wizard Buster Destruction Sword
DARK/Level 3/Spellcaster/1200/900
-target 1 “Buster Blader”; equip this to it from hand/field
-while equipped to a monster, your opponent cannot activate monster effects in their grave
-send this equipped card to grave, target 1 “Destruction Sword” monster in grave; add to hand, can only use this effect once per turn

Robot Buster Destruction Sword
DARK/Level 4/Machine/1600/1200
-target 1 “Buster Blader”; equip this to it from hand/field
-while equipped, face-up Spell/Trap Cards cannot activate their effects
-send this equipped card to the grave; the monster that was equipped gains 1000 ATK until end of turn


Buster Dragon
-all your opponent’s monsters become dragon
-once per turn, if you don’t control a “Buster Blader” monster, Special Summon “Buster Blader” from grave
-once per turn, during your opponent’s turn: target 1 “Buster Blader” monster; equip it with a “Destruction Sword” monster from your grave




Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman
-must be Fusion Summoned, can’t be summoned in other ways
-cannot attack directly
-gains 1000 ATK for each dragon your opponent controls or in their grave
-dragons in your opponent’s possession can’t activate their effects
-change all dragons your opponent controls to Defense Position
-pierces through Defense Position monsters
-in general dragons get rekt


Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
Normal Spell
-search “Buster Blader” from deck/grave

Destruction Swordsman Fusion
Quickplay Spell
-fuse 1 Fusion Monster that lists “Buster Blader” as material using monsters on the field/your hand
-if in grave: send 1 card from hand to grave; add this back
-can only use each effect once per turn

Karma of the Destruction Swordsman
Quickplay Spell
-target up to 3 monsters of the same Type in your opponent’s grave; banish them, if you do 1 “Buster Blader” you control gains 500 ATK and DEF for each
-if this is grave: discard 1 “Destruction Sword” card; add this card to hand
-can only use each effect once per turn

Destruction Sword Flash
Normal Trap
-if you control a Fusion Monster that lists “Buster Blader” as Material: Banish all monsters your opponent controls
-when a card or effect targets a “Buster Blader” monster: banish this card from grave; negate that effect and destroy that card

And if you don’t know what the Dragunities do, they’re fairly straightforward. Normal Dux, equip Phalanx, make Vajrayana, equip Phalanx, make a Level 8. Mystletainn combos more and you can Tribute Summon it using Buster Blader or Whelp as they’re easy enough to recur, equip Phalanx and make a Level 8.

Since Miracle Restoring and Skilled White Magician aren’t worth talking about at all, let me explain my card choices, and what you could replace them with if you don’t have them. Three OG Buster Blader because Whelp and Fusion can use a Buster Blader from hand. The Destruction Sword Buster Blader isn’t Buster Blader in hand. That’s bad Yugioh. But he is in grave, which is why I chose to include one copy. Also, he’s searchable by Whelp. If you’re running pendulums, you can run more, but I think a pendulum build is bad, and so is Destruction Sword Buster Blader. Triple Whelp because it searches new bad Buster Blader, the Fusion Spell, and the best new support, Dragon Buster. Triple Dragon Buster because it doesn’t let the opponent Special Summon from the Extra Deck, equips from hand, doesn’t let the opponent Special Summon from the Extra Deck, Special Summons itself, doesn’t let the opponent Special Summon from the Extra Deck and equips to a Buster Blader from grave via Buster Dragon. Did I mention that it doesn’t let your opponent Special Summon from the Extra Deck while it’s equipped to a monster?


The 10 Dragunity cards (Dux, Mystletainn, Phalanx, Ravine) are here to facilitate Level 8 Synchros. Specifically Buster Dragon, although you have plenty of other options. Three Chicken Game with two Terraforming to draw through your brick of a deck and get to Ravine/your combo pieces. Same reason for the playset of Upstart Goblin and Cards of Consonance. Except Consonance needs one of 8 cards in your deck. If you’re playing Wizard Buster, which I recommend you at least side deck, you can get back Whelp or Dragon Buster to make Consonance live late game should you happen to draw it. Foolish and Twin Twister just help get Phalanx and Buster Blader in the grave, where you want them. Especially the new Buster Blader. You don’t ever want him in your hand. The double Destruction Fusion are what allow you to make the Buster Blader Fusion, and it’s pretty insane next to Buster Dragon. Together they are very Yugioh. It’seven better if you equip Dragon Buster to the fusion and then your opponent can’t play Yugioh.And the three Solemn Notice I have in my deck list can be replaced by any number of things, including Dark World Dealings, Wizard Buster, Robot Buster, Emblem of Dragon Destroyer, Karma, more Terraforming, more Buster Blader Destruction Sword or hand traps. I just don’t recommend Skilled White Magician because he takes up your Normal Summon, is only 1700 and can’t Special Summon itself. If it was a Destruction Sword monster that could Special Summon itself somehow, I’d say play it. But it’s not, so don’t.

As for the Extra Deck I think you need at least 2 Buster Dragon, 1 Buster Blader Fusion, 3 Vajrayana and at least 3 other Level 8 Synchros. I sometimes wish I ran 3 Buster Dragon, but 2 are necessary. The rest is your choice, including what other Synchros to run. My build rarely has more than a single copy of Buster Blader on the field, so why play Yugioh cards you won’t ever use? I’m talking about Rank 7s. Don’t play Rank 7s. Some other options I’m not running are Stardust Spark Dragon (I’d run this until Crystal Wing comes out), Colossal Fighter, Goyo Guardian, HTS Psyhemuth, Red Wyvern and Castel. The other Red Dragon Archfiends exist, namely Bane and Red Nova Dragon. You can run them if you want.


As for a side deck, if you’re playing at a locals with this, I’d suggest multiple Wizard Busters, Karmas, 1-2 Robot Buster, and 2-3 Royal Decree. But let’s be real. You’re playing this for fun. You don’t need a side deck. One philosophy I’ve heard is never side out engine cards for side deck cards. Almost all of your deck is engine or deck thinning cards to get to your engine. If you are paying money to play this at an event, don’t side out cards you need in order to win. This usually includes Upstart Goblin. So that leaves you with 6 slots to side with if you don’t need Twin Twisters. The three Solemn Strikes and sometimes the three upstarts. But 9 cards is a lot of cards to side, even if Maxx “C” draws more cards. You can also main deck Maxx “C”s over Solemn Strike if you want to. I’m also thinking about running Decrees in the main deck because any trap completely stops this deck, but the meta right now doesn’t have many traps. So that’s your call based on what is at your locals.

As for matchups

If you’re playing this at a regional, why? If you’re playing this at a locals, just know that you lose to pretty much everything unless you can get Buster Blader fusion + Buster Dragon. And if they Raigeki you, you have no recovery. So as soon as you can, summon Stardust/Spark/Crystal Wing with your Busters. And Scrap Dragon if and when you can set up the rest of that. The best play though is Buster Blader + Buster Dragon with Dragon Buster in grave and Destruction Fusion set, then fuse with any of their dragons (which means any of their monsters because of Buster Dragon), then use Buster Dragon to equip Dragon Buster to the Buster Blader Fusion. This forces all of their monsters into Defense Position, they can’t activate their effects and they can’t Special Summon from the Extra Deck. Raigeki destroys this set up, so Stardust Dragon is a good card too. Wizard Buster also works against decks that need Graveyard. And Robot Buster isn’t the WORST against decks that use face-up Spell/Trap cards, but it’s pretty bad. Also since Wizard and Robot busters aren’t dragons, they have almost no synergy with the Dragunity half of the deck. They can’t be sent with Ravine like Whelp and Dragon Buster and they can’t be used with Cards of Consonance. They can’t be summoned from the deck with Atum, and they’re not Level 1 Tuners to summon back with RDA Abyss.

There are some plays that weren’t immediately obvious to me when I started playing the deck. You can Normal Whelp, search bad Buster Blader, discard it to Ravine/Twin Twisters, Special Summon it, equip Dragon Buster, make Buster Dragon. Scrap Dragon pop your own Buster Blader, then Special it back with Buster Dragon. Scrap Dragon pop Chicken Game to deal damage. But mainly just try to summon what guys you can. When you draw bad, there isn’t anything you can do about it. This deck isn’t consistent. And I find most games I can at least make Level 8 Synchros with the Dragunities. And against not competitive decks (like Dinomist), that is sometimes enough when Infinity doesn’t come and ruin everything. There are also some other neat interactions like discard something for Destruction Fusion, discard Destruction Fusion for Whelp and Synchro Summon with Buster Blader, then bring back Buster Blader with Buster Dragon. Keep in mind RDA Abyss can negate normal Spell/Trap cards, and Crystal Wing has to destroy the monster to gain it’s ATK. Otherwise, go turn things into dragons, then slay those dragons.


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