Card of the day: Hope Harbinger Dragon

Number38HopeHarbingerDragonTitanicGalaxy-PGL3-EN-GScR-1EWe’re back for another card of the day. And by we, I mean you, the reader, and me, Big Eye. Any sort of entertainment medium isn’t anything without its audience. So, thanks. Today’s card of the day is a generic Rank 8 that takes two materials. It’s Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy. Hope Harbinger has the same stats as Blue-Eyes, except it’s an Xyz with an effect without a level. Also, it’s Harbinger. Not Harbringer. It’s not bringing any hars. A harbinger is the forerunner of something, or announcing the arrival of something. So Hope Harbinger Dragon is the dragon announcing the coming of hope.

Hope Harbinger is competitively viable as well as neat as heck. The next best Rank 8s were Heliopolis and Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Heliopolis destroys a bunch of cards, but at the cost of the same number of cards. Felgrand is good, but 2800 ATK made it surprisingly fragile, even if it pushes through Swift Scarecrow and negates effects. Felgrand’s effect is so good that its ATK had to be 2800. After those, we have Lancelot. Lancelot is going to get run over with only 2000 ATK and negates the first effect each turn by detaching 1 Xyz Material. Not optional.

Let’s look at how it affects the board. It’s a 3000 ATK LIGHT Dragon. Dragon is largely irrelevant. LIGHT is usually irrelevant, but Honest still exists. It stops attacks like Number 39, but it does it worse. Almost like it came before Number 39. It detaches a material to change the attack target to itself, then skips right to damage calculation. I’ve seen a lot of people forget about this effect. It sucks if you summon a Monarch without Domain, attack into Giant Hand, and Titanic Galaxy just eats it. It’s not a schlub when attacking either. 3000 isn’t spectacular because Dark Destroyer runs into it and floats into anything else. 3000 is still a lot and runs over pretty much anything that isn’t Dark Destroyer.

Oh, 3000 isn’t big enough for ya? Just let another Xyz die and Hope Harbinger can gain its ATK. Forever. While less likely, you can also boost the ATK of other Xyz monsters. You need Hope Harbinger, the Xyz you want to boost, and an Xyz to die. It’s certainly possible in decks like DracoPals with Sky Iris popping off a spent Majester, Dweller or Castel to search and grow another Xyz. Usually, it’s Hope Harbinger, but not always.

That’s not all it does. If it only did that, it’d still be worse than Felgrand, despite having more ATK. The best part of Hope Harbinger is the negate a Spell. If your opponent activates any Spell Card or Spell effect, you can negate it for free. It doesn’t negate the activation, so the “You can only activate 1 X per turn” cards have been activated. Just the effect was negated. It negates effects too, like Pendulum Spells or Field Spells. Then, that spell is attached to Hope Harbinger as material. This is the best part. All the rest is just icing on the dragon cake.

Hope Harbinger stops Raigeki, Stormforth, Twin Twisters, Secret Villages, any spell. The biggest downside to it is how hard it currently is to make. DracoPals would be the only deck that plays it right now. Nothing else can make Rank 8s easily. We don’t have the Dragon Rulers to search the Mythic Dragons to make it. Maybe in the future, we’ll get better Rank 8 stuff. Blue-Eyes and Felgrand stuff looks neat for Rank 8s.

Titanic Galaxy is definitely up there for most splashable Rank 8, right next to Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand and Heliopolis. Plus, it’s less than ten bucks. Go pick some up, click an ad, come back tomorrow and tell your friends how awesome gundam dragons are.

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