Your Burning Abyss deck isn’t good anymore.

The Burning Abyss deck has a lot of problems.

If the deck didn’t have any problems, why would you play anything else? Well, you’re going to lose games to yourself. You can either not play traps and get blown out by stuff like Abyss Dweller or you can play a ton of traps and lose to Twin Twisters because you’re relying on traps to protect you. You only have one Graff, one Tour Guide and two Cir, how are you going to make plays with your precious Burning Abyss deck


Just because Beatrice is coming out doesn’t mean you should be playing your Burning Abyss deck still. Let’s just take a look again. All of the Malebranches are Level 3 DARK Fiends. If you control a monster that isn’t a Burning Abyss, they kill themselves. And each one can either do a thing when it’s sent to the Graveyard, or Special Summon itself from your hand if you control no Spell/Trap Cards.

Do I want to use Trap Cards? Or do I want to summon my Malebranches?

So the trap paradox exists. If they didn’t require you to control no Spell/Traps, then you would run all of the trap cards. Twin Twister exists. Pendulum decks can just grind through all of your backrow no problem. Don’t forget that Denko Sekka exists.

Graff, Cir and Libic are the only Malebranches that summon more monsters. Obviously you’re going to max out on Graff and Cir but right now they’re limited and semi-limited. That means three copies. Libic is still unlimited, which means we can play three. But do we really want to play three Libic? It summons from hand and Beatrice requires us to discard a Burning Abyss to Summon her. Crane Crane can help you make Dante, but it isn’t searchable and doesn’t do anything else. There are better options, like more Burning Abyss monsters in your Burning Abyss deck.

What Burning Abyss monsters are even worth playing anymore?

What other Burning Abyss monsters are there? You could run double Barbar because Beatrice can dump it on both turns for damage. You could run more Cagna to dump your Spells/Traps. But Fire Lake loses value when Beatrice isn’t a Burning Abyss monster and Traveler loses value when you’re not Fire Laking. Good & Evil isn’t good. Terminus isn’t good either. Cagna just isn’t as good anymore. Calcab allows you to bounce set Spells/Traps, which is cool. Calcab does not allow you to extend your plays unless you have a way to put it in the Graveyard with one set card and a bunch of Malebranches in hand. Alich gains some utility, but not a ton because you need to dump it before the effect you want to negate is activated. Farfa helps a lot, but 3 Farfa is way too many. Maybe not though. Getting your dudes banished for the turn every turn is really annoying. You’re surely not playing Drahig, are you? If you play too many Malebranche monsters you’re not going to draw any traps to protect yourself. If you draw your traps, you won’t be able to summon all your Malebranches.

What does Beatrice even do? Isn’t she Rank 6?

im beautifulRight now, we don’t have official text, but we pretty much do. Beatrice is not a Burning Abyss monster, which is important. Beatrice is a Rank 6 Light Fairy Xyz monster with 2500 ATK and 2800 DEF. She got a bigger booty than Dante. I know some people are going to call her big booty because she got a big booty. How does she interact with the rest of the Burning Abyss deck? The first sentence tells you everything you need to know.

“2 Level 6 monsters”

No, not that one. The next one. If you’re a cool kid, you’ll summon her with Virgil and Malacoda, then play Black and White Wave.

“You can also Xyz Summon this card by sending 1 “Burning Abyss” monster from your hand to the Graveyard, then using 1 “Dante” monster you control as the Xyz Material. (Xyz Material attached to that monster also become Xyz MAterials on this card.)”

Ok, so we can discard a Malebranche to ensure Dante, Traveler doesn’t get spun, just like Downerd Magician. So far, worse than Downerd. Downerd pierces and likely comes out at 2500 as well. While it’s true that Downerd slowly gets weaker, she pierces. Let’s continue reading Beatrice to see if she gets any better.

”If Summoned this way, [using Dante] the following effect cannot be activated this turn. Once per turn, during either player’s turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; send 1 card from your Deck to the Graveyard.”

Oh boy, now she’s way better than Downerd. I’d probably run 2-2 Downerd/Beatrice because Beatrice requires you to discard a Burning Abyss. Often you will want to discard a Burning Abyss to trigger it, but you won’t always have a Burning Abyss in hand to trigger. Beatrice is way better than Downerd and can be summoned in Main Phase 1, but she can’t activate that turn. She has more text though. Should we read it? Why not?

Tag, you're it, Dante
Tag, you’re it, Dante

”If this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent’s card (by battle or card effect) and sent to your Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 “Burning Abyss” monster from your Extra Deck,ignoring its Summoning conditions.”

Beatrice herself is not a Burning Abyss monster, so she can’t Special Summon another copy of herself. Rats. But who can she summon? It’s not a proper summon, so whatever we do get can’t be summoned back later. We have Virgil and two Dantes. Dante Traveler won’t have any material and will be stuck at 1000. And he won’t be able to be summoned off of Cir. Not the best choice. Virgil was next to come out. Virgil won’t be able to be summoned by Cir, but is a pretty legitimate option. 2500 ATK and spinning is cool. And when you get a free Virgil, even better. Beatrice does have to be destroyed by an opponent’s card AND sent to the Graveyard, but a free Virgil is not a joke either.

>insert hyper critical fan voice “But Big Eye, what about Dante Pilgrim?”

DantePilgrimoftheBurningAbyss-CROS-EN-OPOh, I suppose I’ll mention it. Pilgrim Dante takes 3 Burning Abyss monsters with different names as fusion material. I think his effect was pretty good, but you go -3 to summon it. Even if the Burning Abyss materials trigger, you need to have 3 Burning Abyss monsters AND the fusioning spell. Or we could just summon Dante Pilgrim using Beatrice. That’s a pretty good idea. Dante Pilgrim has 2800 ATK and 2500 DEF and is actually a Burning Abyss monster. Yay. He also can’t be targeted and lets you cycle Burning Abyss cards for draws. Pretty damn good. It’s a shame you can’t Cir Dante Pilgrim back. I guess one is worth playing because Extra Deck space is so tight.

There isn’t room in the Extra Deck

What are you going to run in your extra deck? Let’s look at what you basically HAVE to run as of now.

NumberF0UtopicFuture-WSUP-EN-PScR-1E3 Dante Traveler
2 Beatrice
1 Virgil
1 Dante Pilgrim
1 Downerd Magician
1 Acid Golem
1 Nightmare Shark
1 Break Sword
1 F0 Utopic Future

That leaves you with three slots left. There are plenty of cards that want that slot, too.

Downerd #2
Beatrice #3
Virgil #2
Nightmare Shark #2
Fortune Tune

Ok, not all of those you would play even before space was limited, but Grampulse and multiples of cards you already run want that space. If you don’t find the optimal Extra Deck, you’re going to drop a few games here and there to not having the thing you needed. Extra Deck space is just too tight to comfortably pick 15 cards. The Frenchman who won YCS Prague last year got third this year. Clearly he must know what Burning Abyss does. Let’s look at his Extra Deck.

3 Dante Traveler
2 Nightmare Shark
1 Grampulse
1 Break Sword
1 Acid Golem
3 Downerd Magician
1 F0 Utopic Future
1 Virgil
2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Ok, he chose to run standard things plus 2 Chimeratech, a Grampulse and an extra Nightmare Shark. Chimertech is for Kozmo, but we don’t have room anymore. And we can add two Beatrice, but we have the same problem. We have no more room in the Extra Deck.

You can’t really play without Dante

burning abyss deck ripNext on our list of problems is Drifting Ghost & Winter Blossom. It’s a Level 3 Tuner that looks like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and also is 0/1800. Drifting Ghost is also a hand trap, but it’s a DARK Zombie, meaning you’ll likely never summon it except in some weird Zombie deck. Drifting Ghost says if your opponent controls more monsters than you do you can discard it, reveal an Extra Deck card, then look at your opponent’s Extra Deck and if they have a card with the same name, banish ALL of them.

Oh boy Burning Abyss mirror match. Going second is necessary if you’re siding this in. It’s a quick effect, so as soon as your opponent summons any monster, banish all of their Dante. Fair, right? Currently, it’s March and Shining Victories is legal in May. So I guess you have until then to play Burning Abyss with Beatrice.

Overall Beatrice is decent, but won’t push Burning Abyss back into top tier territory. Gone are the days where double Dante will win games. Gone are the days in which you could win games by Fire Laking a Normal Spell Card. Burning Abyss has gotten power creeped. RIP in pieces Burning Abyss, 2014-2016. Isn’t it ironic that Burning Abyss debuted in the set that debuted pendulums and pendulums were what creeped Burning Abyss?

If you think Burning Abyss are still worth playing, win the next YCS/Regional. Then do it again post SHVI. If you were able to read this without getting angry, congratulations. Click an ad, it helps feed the family. Or buy some Infinite Gold to pull your Beatrices to prove me wrong.

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