The Blue-Eyes mirror match

dragonsmirror-dr04-en-sr-ueI started to write a card of the day for Dragluon but then I saw my friend reply to a picture I sent him saying he had most of the Blue-Eyes stuff already. I started to explain that the two flex slots I have in my list are Twin Burst and Michael. But Twin Burst is really good in the mirror match. So I decided to write about the Blue-Eyes mirror match instead. The Blue-Eyes mirror feels a lot like a mix between the Nekroz mirror and the Dragon Ruler mirror. It’s really fun and takes more skill than I initially thought. Please, hear me out.

If you haven’t played the Blue-Eyes deck, you need to know what its threats are. They are the following:

-Alternative Dragon being a monster
-Gospel of Revival/Soul Charge/Silver’s Cry bringing back 3000 ATK monsters
-Spirit Dragon Synchro causing trouble
-Hope Harbinger locking down spells
-Crystal Wing / Stardust Spark holding down the fort
-Dragluon and Cipher taking things like Big Eye used to
-Heliopolis/Giant Grinder/Alsei/Michael/Black Rose Moonlight clearing out individual threats

These are the main plays of the deck. There are others, but these are the lines of play you can take. Usually, your turn involves summoning Alt Dragon, destroying something, using a revival spell on a dragon, using either Alt Dragon and the other dragon to make a Rank 8, or making Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon and attacking somewhere in there. The things you can do are powerful and Spirit Dragon is good against both Pendulum and Burning Abyss, but I want to talk about the mirror match.

If you can, you should just make Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon blind first turn. Whether or not you’re playing the mirror match, it’s usually your best option. I don’t like Cyber Dragon Infinity in the deck because it is destroyed in battle easily and Galaxy Soldier takes up valuable Main Deck space. You’re afraid of Raigeki and Dark Hole, but if your opponent used a field wipe on just a Spirit Dragon, that’s at least one field wipe you don’t have to worry about later. When you develop bigger boards, tribute off Spirit Dragon during the Standby Phase so Azure-Eyes can trigger and protect all of your dragons. If you wait until Dark Hole or Raigeki is activated, it will be too late because Azure-Eyes won’t be able to trigger and resolve before the destruction effect resolves.

Maxx “C” and Effect Veiler are highly debated cards for the mirror match. I do not like Maxx “C” during games two and three. Not many Special Summons are happening each turn and the only things that activate are the revival spells and the Level 9 Synchros. Maxx “C” is not a bad card in the mirror, it just isn’t as impactful as I’d like because you can’t do many things on your own turn, even if you have a full grip. Most people only run one copy of Effect Veiler because you can search it with Sage. That’s true, but Pot of Desires easily banishes it. If you don’t run Desires, you can run less Effect Veiler. Effect Veiler is key for hitting both Dragluon and Cipher, which I’ll talk about later. Veiler is also just another tuner you can use to make your Synchros, discard with Melody or use on random things that activate like Dragon Spirit of White and Sage. Veiler is never dead.

Vanity’s Emptiness is not a card that shows up in many lists. It’s similar to Maxx “C” in that it doesn’t do anything to Special Summons that don’t use the chain unless you activate it before the summon is attempted. Almost any monster with Emptiness behind it is enough to win the game. If it doesn’t outright win, it usually puts your opponent behind enough for a turn or two that you’ve basically won the game.

galaxyeyescipherdragon-drl3-en-scr-1eGalaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon is a concern as soon as you have the option to make any Xyz Monster. Your opponent can take any Xyz you have with Cipher and then put Full Armor or Dark Matter on top of it to keep your monster forever. At worst, it just becomes a 4000 ATK monster that you have to deal with. At best, it destroys something of yours, banishes three monsters from your deck, then attacks over two of your monsters. Oh, and you’ve lost your monster. You need to constantly be afraid of Cipher or you’ll lose. Getting your other stuff taken is less scary, but even just a Level 8 or a tuner can be turned into something that you don’t get back. Don’t summon an Xyz unless you have something for the Cipher, probably Veiler. Spirit Dragon into Azure-Eyes on the summon of Cipher works if your Xyz is a dragon.

number46dragluon-shsp-en-sr-1eDragluon is similar to Cipher in that it takes things but it does it differently. Dragluon has to be the only monster you control in order to activate and you get three options. The first effect summons a dragon from your hand. It’s possible to play a 10+ round tournament and never use this effect but don’t forget you have it. The second effect takes any dragon your opponent controls. Forever. Dragluon can even still attack. If your opponent has the ability to make a Rank 8 with no other monsters, you can’t safely summon any dragon monsters without having a plan. Emptiness, Veiler and Spirit Dragon into Azure-Eyes all work. Taking a Dragluon with Cipher isn’t great because Dragluon won’t be able to activate. Taking a Cipher with Dragluon is great if they have another Xyz that isn’t Dark Matter. Dark Matter Dragon is safe from Cipher, in that it can’t be stolen forever. Dragluon can steal Dark Matter forever. The Blue-Eyes mirror has new Rank 8 Big Eyes running around, be careful.

Before I do the outro, here are some random thoughts about the deck.

One piece of tech I haven’t seen yet is Enemy Controller. It occasionally sees play. The last time I played it was in Shaddolls with triple Denko Sekka and Eclipse Wyvern. Enemy Controller helps you dodge Effect Veiler and steal an opponent’s monster to do things with.

Ancient Fairy Dragon, with or without Dragon Ravine, Mausoleum of White and other Field Spells is a thing you can do to attack opposing Field Spells.

Victoria lets you steal dragons in your opponent’s Graveyard. If you have two, your opponent can’t attack either.

Dragon Capture Jar isn’t good in this deck but it’s hilarious if you have no dragons and you side deck it.

Number 62: Prime Photon Dragon is 4000 ATK but not needed. Nor are other Galaxy-Eyes Xyz Monsters. If you are missing other cards, you can run them. I wouldn’t.

Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector is a good card on defense. Always call Soul Charge or Return of the Dragon Lords.

Michael and Black Rose Moonlight are both good. I rarely ever summon either. I prefer Michael over Moonlight but that’s your choice.

There are many more intricacies of the Blue-Eyes mirror. It’s actually a lot more fun to play than I initially thought. Blue-Eyes are here and are a pillar of the format. You get better at the mirror the more you practice. I still have a lot to learn about the mirror. Until Friday, make sure you have those Dragluons, Ciphers, Full Armors, Dark Matters and other mirror techs. If you have a question, you can ask me directly on Twitter and Facebook or in the comments below.

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