Beatrice Turbo is a thing. So is New Zealand Nationals?…

If she is your BAEtrice, don't abuse her
If she is your BAEtrice, don’t abuse her

This is going to be a short post, but it’s already late when I’m writing this. Everyone knows that Beatrice is a good card. It’s Lavalval Chain, but better. It’s Rank 6, which is harder to summon, but it works on both players’ turns and gives you a monster when it dies. Pretty unfair. This list got Top 16 at New Zealand nats. I didn’t even know they started this early. I heard it was 89 players, but in the report, Ny3 played some good decks at least.

I know this really isn’t more than a deck list, but you should be aware of its existence. Beatrice Turbo is a thing. Blaze Fenix Igknight FTK is a thing. These decks exist. Just know that people are trying to abuse Beatrice. Don’t beat your wife, folks.

Monsters: 34

2 Dragunity Dux
1 Dragunity Phalanx
1 Harpie Harpist
2 Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite
1 Gusto Griffin
1 Windaar, Sage of Gusto
1 Wattaildragon
1 Galaxy Serpent
1 Carboneddon
1 Gem-Knight Lazuli
1 Shaddoll Dragon
1 Fabled Soulkius
3 Primitive Butterfly
3 Destiny HERO – Malicious
3 Overdrive Teleporter
3 Risebell the Star Adjuster
1 Alich, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
1 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
3 Volcanic Scattershot
3 Maxx “C”

Spells: 15

2 Dragon Ravine
3 Terraforming
3 Brilliant Fusion
3 Instant Fusion
2 Emergency Teleport
1 Soul Charge
1 Foolish Burial

Traps: 1

1 Blaze Accelerator Reload

Extra Deck: 15

1 Abyss Dweller
3 Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
2 Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana
1 Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg
1 Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
1 Virgil, Rock Star of the Burning Abyss
1 Goyo King
1 Mavelus
1 Elder Entity Norden
1 Gem-Knight Seraphinite
1 Dante, Pilgrim of the Burning Abyss

Side Deck: 11 Monsters, 3 Spells, 1 Trap

3 Manticore of Darkness
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Cyber Dragon Core
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Koa’ki Meiru Drago
1 Tackle Crusader
1 Psy-Framelord Omega
1 Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle
3 Twin Twisters
1 Mischief of the Gnomes

BAEtrice Turbo with some Dragunity
BAEtrice Turbo with some Dragunity

The tournament was 8 rounds, Ny3 finished 6-2 and lost to Mega Zaborg in top 16. I assume Goyo King would come out for Crystal Wing once SHVI is legal. I would cut the deck down, but I have no idea where to start cutting cards. I tried out the deck, and for the first time since the Dragon Rulers were legal, I was smiling playing this deck. It’s pretty easy to pick up and play. You just need to solitaire it for maybe an hour before you take it to locals. I’d just swap out Goyo King for Crystal Wing or maybe Omega. Scarlight would also put in work because it’ll burn for some damage. I just found myself wanting a generic 8 I can make with Mali and Phalanx. Plaguespreader is another thing to seriously consider.

Some choices are super easy to see why they’re in the deck. Malicious because discarding/dumping it is two more Level 6 monsters for more Beatrices. Overdrive Teleporter is at least two Beatrice by itself. Ravine really holds the deck together by letting you start with discarding Soulkius/Malicious or dumping Phalanx to start with Dux into Gae Dearg into Beatrice with the Gustos. The deck is just really strong, but loses to most disruption. If you Maxx “C”, you’re going to draw a ton of cards, maybe deck out. Veiler stops the deck cold. So do Ghost Reaper (on Beatrice) and Flying “C”.

Other choices leave me perplexed. Mostly the side deck. Manticore of Darkness is especially peculiar. If your opponent Maxx “C”s you, you can deck them out, but other than that, it’s only okay. Drago is decent, but as far as I can tell, no way to search it. Omega + Gnomes is infinite level loss. As in, forever, not down to 0. I have no idea what Atum is for. I don’t even know how to begin siding, let alone fixing this deck. Ny3 stated that it’s far from optimal, and I agree. But I’d just like to let you know that this deck is a thing. If you play against it, stop the Beatrice. Deal with the Dante/Virgil later. Beatrice is the problem.

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2 thoughts on “Beatrice Turbo is a thing. So is New Zealand Nationals?…”

  1. Drago searched by Gae Dearg. Gae can be made without specialing or Brilliant can get it of you had to normal dux.

    1. You’re right. I completely overlooked that. I forgot Gae Dearg can also search dragons and not just winged beasts. My bad.

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