The August (actually September) 2016 Forbidden & Limited List

14051629_1335924283114204_5439693548433692646_nFor most people, Christmas only comes once a year. As a kid, I never found Christmas exciting because I knew everything about it. I knew when it was, how that morning would go and pretty much exactly what everyone was going to get. The F&L lists are always exciting. We never know when they’re going to come anymore and we never know what’s going to be on it. I’ve heard a lot about this latest list, but it isn’t a meta nuke like many claimed. If you’re new to Yugioh and have read the rulebook, you’ll know that there is a Forbidden & Limited List that is occasionally updated to ensure that Konami’s new products sell. For some time we haven’t been told when the next list will be, which I think is a mistake, but an understandable decision. I also believe Yugioh needs a format where only the latest sets are legal, and another format where all sets are legal, but there is an F&L list. The latest sets format wouldn’t need any type of restrictions because only being allowed to play with the last two years of cards or whatever pushes the latest product by design of the format. And, the current format we have can become the format where everything is legal. Many cards can even come off the list completely as to create a super diverse metagame, which is something many players want. Why wouldn’t you want HEROs, Nekroz, Wind-Ups, Shaddolls and your favorite deck all equally viable in the same format? Of course, some cards should stay forbidden/limited, but many decks that aren’t selling new cards don’t need to be restricted if there is a rotating format where the new cards are always good and the apex of competitive play and the format that most YCSs are. Locals and Regionals could be either format.

End rant, enter the circus.

Performapal Monkeyboard

PerformapalMonkeyboardMonkeyboard is also Forbidden in the OCG. It obviously hurts any Performapal deck but is currently largely irrelevant. Yes, it sets up both scales with one card but that’s not why it’s Forbidden now. Monkeyboard is Forbidden more likely because Konami doesn’t want to sell more BOSH, they want to sell TDIL, MVP1, DRL3 and soon INOV. Monkeyboard is not too powerful, nor was it an integral part of the newest Odd-Eyes Magician/Kirin decks. It was just another piece to attempt to set up OTKs through Skullcrobat Joker into more scales into Utopia Beyond for 8000 damage. With only the current format system, no more Monkeyboard is fine.

Kaiser Colosseum

KaiserColosseum-MFC-NA-C-1EI’m pretty sure I’ve said before that cards shouldn’t go from unlimited to forbidden, but we’re here again. Kaiser Colosseum is not the type of card where the second adds anything to the first. You only need one copy. If we’re to have a diverse metagame, we can’t have cards that completely hose any one strategy. If we’re to have a competitive metagame, competitive players will take any edge they can get. So why not forbid one old card that doesn’t let people see play? Spikes will just have to find an edge somewhere else, and I’m sure they will. Kaiser Colosseum forbidden won’t upset anyone. I’ve won many games by not allowing my opponent to play. I’ve lost many games by not being allowed to play. Winning is fun, but as individual games, these aren’t fun.

Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss

CirMalebrancheoftheBurningAbyss-DUEA-EN-R-1ELimiting Cir is a legitimate hit. Cir is still legal, though. And it’s not like there aren’t ways to dump Cir directly from the deck to start the Dante/Cir loop. You can only activate one Cir a turn, anyways. Limiting Cir is more like cutting off a finger while forbidding El Shaddoll Construct and limiting El Shaddoll Fusion was like, killing the deck. I’m not happy about the Cir limit, but I’m not unhappy and Burning Abyss variants are still playable. Don’t forget you can run Fiendish Rhino Warrior in addition to Foolish Burial, Tour Guide and Beatrice.

Ehther the Heavenly Monarch

EhthertheHeavenlyMonarch-SR01-EN-UR-1EPart of the advantage of going second is that extra card you get to draw. Erebus sometimes hurts that, but Erebus wasn’t a problem. Erebus got rid of one card from your opponent. Ehther was often much more than going up one card in advantage. It summoned a monster from your deck that you can Tribute Summon later for more value. You can even string together Ehthers. That’s better than Erebus, but the real reason Ehther was good was Tribute Summoning on your opponent’s turn without using any additional cards to do so. You already want to run Ehther, so it’s just a bonus. Ehther is especially oppressive in conjunction with Stormforth. It was easy to represent Ehther+Stormforth and force your opponent into suboptimal plays. Don’t forget that Ehther is from a Structure Deck and not a set. You could spend roughly $30 and be content. That was in January. Gotta sell new packs.

Kozmo Dark Destroyer

KozmoDarkDestroyer-DOCS-EN-ScR-1EKozmos are no longer receiving new support. Konami wants to sell new cards. They can either reprint Kozmo cards to sell new product or make the deck worse. They’ve already reprinted the cards, so it’s time to make the deck worse. A limit on Kozmo Dark Destroyer was the correct move to make the deck worse but not unplayable. Kozmo Dark Destroyer wasn’t just a big floater. Dark Eclipser and Forerunner both do that. Dark Destroyer can destroy your own things for value and OTKs. That’s going to happen a lot less. After the first reprint, everyone that wanted Kozmo stuff had it, so another reprint would make less money. It’s time to hit the deck to sell new stuff. It’s unfortunate but that’s the system we’re stuck with.

Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin

MajespecterUnicornKirin-DOCS-EN-R-1EUnfair and shouldn’t have been printed. Rightfully limited. Still, three Raccoon and you can throw them in any Pendulum Deck that can Pendulum Summon Level 6 monsters. Keeps Pendulums from being too oppressive too often but doesn’t get rid of a useful tool that not all Pendulum Decks can use.

Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal

If she is your BAEtrice, don't abuse her

This limit matters and I’m not sure it’s correct. The first Beatrice was very important and put you very far ahead if your opponent couldn’t make a similar play. The second Beatrice was nice to have but almost never necessary. In mirror matches, it was because both people have three Beatrice. But it’s not like you only have one Beatrice and I still have three. This is like the Skullcrobat Joker hit when the adjusted list was in effect. Yeah, three Beatrice is really good, but now you can run other things in that slot and it can innovate. I have to assume Burning Abyss will see a more significant hit, like a limit on Dante, on the next list because Konami can’t have a deck from 2014 still good if they want to sell product.

Emergency Teleport

EmergencyTeleport-LC5D-EN-ScR-1EUnnecessary for Metalfoes and another hit to Kozmo. If we had an eternal and rotating format with the rotating format pushing new product, I think Emergency Teleport would be unlimited. Turn one Tincan also happens less often, which is a good thing for pushing new product. Bad thing for diverse meta.

Pantheism of the Monarchs

PantheismoftheMonarchs-SR01-EN-SR-1ENeeded to happen. Free cards are often what make the good decks good. When you take that away they get less good. This is hurting a deck that’s old news now. Gotta sell new product. It’s unfortunate that we can’t just hurt the degenerate cards and leave the card advantage cards.

Pendulum Call

PendulumCall-SDMP-EN-C-1EI saw someone on Facebook say this card can go to six but too many people are playing a deck from last December. It’s almost September and, again, Konami wants to sell product. If the F&L list truly was to keep the meta from becoming too stagnant, this would be unlimited along with a lot of other cards. Sucks to be playing Magicians.

The Monarchs Stormforth

TheMonarchsStormforth-DUEA-EN-C-1EThis card isn’t fair. It’s a Quick-Play to be abused on your opponent’s turn with Ehther. Soul Exchange is fair because it’s a Normal Spell and it makes you skip your Battle Phase. Plus, it targets and isn’t searchable. Stormforth isn’t fair and shouldn’t be unlimited.

Maxx “C”

MaxxC-STOR-EN-ScR-1EI don’t know why this happened. Duality was Semi-Limited once. Konami does some strange things sometimes. Maybe Subterror and SPYRALs are getting new cards that Special Summon a ton and they don’t want people to be discouraged from playing the new cards. I have no idea.

Thunder King Rai-Oh

ThunderKingRaiOh-YG02-EN-ScR-LEGood card, but this is going to three.

Wind-Up Magician

WindUpMagician-GENF-EN-R-1EGood card, but Wind-Ups have been powercrept enough. Shock Master is forbidden.

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

ThousandEyesRestrictRP02-EN-UR-UEFair and can be unlimited. I don’t even care if you could run 15.

Allure of Darkness

It’s been a long time since this was unlimited. I’m glad it is. It’s fair and not overpowered. Even if you can get Kozmos back with Kozmotown, Allure is fair. Monarch FTK doesn’t have three Upstart nor Chicken Game, so I don’t see a problem with Allure going to three. Does this mean we’ll see more DARK decks doing things? Possibly. Replace your lost Cir with another Allure.

Gold Sarcophagus

This card isn’t great anymore. Dragon Rulers aren’t legal. Tour Guide is limited so going Guide into Leviair into Rabbit turn one isn’t likely. You can with Terrortop, though. Gold Sarcophagus is too slow, in general, unless you’re getting that card back immediately with Leviair or Kozmotown or something similar.

That’s the list. I like it a lot. More Burning Abyss because Dante isn’t limited. Seriously, look at what was meta. Kirin decks only have one Kirin making them less consistent. They also lost Monkeyboard and additional Pendulum Calls if you were playing those. Kozmos can OTK less consistently with only one Dark Destroyer and one Emergency Teleport. Monarchs are definitely less consistent now with only one each of Ehther, Pantheism and Stormforth. Burning Abyss see Cir less consistently, but are still powerful, even if they only have one Beatrice now. Blue-Eyes, since they’re new, are untouched. They’re less powerful than the other decks, so the other decks had to have the crippling problems removed (Stormforth + Ehther) and be less consistent. It happens every time. Hit the consistency cards, then cripple the deck to ensure no one playing competitively is still playing old cards.

I want to hear what you have to say about a rotating format on Facebook and Twitter. Until Monday, buy Blue-Eyes because that’s what Konami wants, click an ad, check out Patreon and tell your friends that this wasn’t a meta nuke. It was a consistency hit. I also need to edit my list differences.

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  1. Ha, I love how it hits everyone at my league and leaves me completely untouched because I’m still playing HEROs and Agents because my money for new cards all goes to Fire Emblem Cipher right now. Plus now I can finally start looking for T-E Restrict and have it not just be for collecting. Set rotation is what Pokemon does for their Standard format and it works great, I don’t really get why Yu-Gi-Oh hasn’t followed up on that by now, but on the other hand if all the league tournaments were Rotation then I’d be sunk, so I’m ok with it for now. Still want more Ancient Gear reruns and new support, though. Oh well, can’t win them all.

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