Official April 11th 2016 Forbidden & Limited List!

The official April 11th list was just released. A few surprising changes, many unsurprising changes for the better of the game. RIP in pepperoni pepe. I know, everyone calls it DracoPals, but still. Womp. Is the format going to be Kozmo vs BA now? Both leaked lists were BS, not surprising. But finally! We have the list at last! I really hate that we don’t have set dates anymore…




Performage Damage Juggler
Not surprising. An adjusted list change. I think 1 Damage Juggler is fine, but 0 is fine, too.

Performage Plushfire
Another adjusted list change. I think Plushfire isn’t good for Yugioh. Don’t miss you yet, Plushfire.

Tellarknight Ptolemaeus
Another adjusted list change, not surprising. I wish it was limited, but oh well. Can’t do anything. Moving on.

Chicken Game
This surprised me, but didn’t. Chicken Game is probably one of those cards that shouldn’t have been printed. It enables FTKs and OTKs. I’m glad Chicken Game is gone now. Goodbye.

Wavering Eyes
Everytime I type this card’s name I type waverying, which it is not. Now I won’t have to type its name again. Konami really doesn’t want unfair cards right now. Now pendulum mirrors can be fun and not hinge on your opponent’s set card potentially destroying you. No limited Solemn Strike though.


Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer
Another adjusted list change. Due to the Ignister limit, this matters less, but still fair.

Performapal Monkeyboard
Another adjusted list change. I think most cards that complete your scales with only one card will end up limited.

Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
Another adjusted list change. Joker is often compared to Stratos in that it searches a large amount of cards that you always want to Normal Summon. Limited is fair.

Wisdom-Eye Magician
Konami doesn’t want pendulums to get too strong? Not really sure why if they’re trying to push them. Perhaps different pendulums are going to be good?

Elder Entity Norden
Super fair. Three Norden can be unfair. Unless you have recursion, only being able to use Norden once a game is fair. You can still run 3 Instant Fusion to see it as much as you can, but only 1 Norden.

Thousand-Eyes Restrict
This will eventually go to 3. With Instant Fusion it is monster removal, but TER is easy to deal with. Veiler, Ghost Ogre, Breakthrough Skill. It doesn’t target, which is neat, but still an ignition effect. Maybe people will use it, probably not. (We don’t have PSCT for it, but we do for Relinquished. Relinquished targets and when TER and Relinquished were in the same set, they have the same text.)

Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
Should be limited. This card isn’t fair. If it targeted, destroyed as cost and only destroyed your cards, fair. But it doesn’t have those restrictions. Igniiiiiiiister should be limited. Hooray!

Draco Face-Off
This card does so many things. It does less with only one Ignister and one Luster, but still powerful. Still searches the one Luster. You can run 4 Dracoslayers and 4-6 Dracoverlords if you want to. Face-Off is a card that belongs at one.

When this card went to two, then three I was waiting for it to go back to one. I remember Airblade Turbo. This card is unfair when your deck consists of monsters with all different levels. Or when you can mill like 10+. (Kozmo and Infernoids)

Upstart Goblin
This actually made me laugh. Sorry, Hoban, not sorry. You can only play 39 cards now. And it slows/stops and FTKs/OTKs. I liked 3 Upstart Goblin. It’s fair, but speeds up things, usually degenerately. The 37 cards to 39 cards won’t matter much for real decks, as in not degenerate decks. But for degenerate OTKs, needing to run 2 more real cards hurts.



Debris Dragon
HOORAY! Coral Dragon hype train to generic Level 6 Synchro town is now boarding. Off we goooo. Really though, this change won’t matter.

Allure of Darkness
Without Chicken Game and only one Upstart Goblin, this is fine. Burning Abyss get a boost if they want to banish their Malebranches. I’m not really sure where else this fits in, but right now, doesn’t matter too much. I suppose you could play two Allure in Kozmo and then get back your DARKs with Kozmotown.

Emergency Teleport
Slight hit to Kozmo. Slight hit to E-Teleport Monarchs. Also a severe hit to the consistency of KingMagnus.dek (don’t forget 1 Upstart, 0 Chicken Game, 1 Reasoning). Slight hit to PK Fire. Overall Super Hippo Carnival is better because you won’t have to draw Blue Layer ever again. And Super Hippo Carnival CAN summon tokens.


Dark Magician of Chaos
Who wants to wait until the end of the turn for cards? No one. In other card games, that’s fine. But Yugioh is too fast for slow cards. Mostly irrelevant. Maybe the casual Dark Magician deck will make use of this, but it’s pretty garbage now.

I forgot this wasn’t unlimited again. Yes, Trag does many things. Yes, Trag is cute. But Trag doesn’t do much. You need to maintain a large hand to keep it. And it’s too slow to summon. Maybe it’ll find a home, but two Tragoedia didn’t have a home. That third copy won’t do much.

Advanced Ritual Art
I see no problem in this. Why it wasn’t unlimited before I don’t know. Konami works in mysterious ways.

Crush Card Virus
Slower, situational Raigeki with a cost. Yes it hits the hand too, but it lets your opponent dump things from deck. Almost never good. Crush Card is neat and all in BA, but not fantastic. It’s not the old Crush Card. With errata, Crush Card Virus is fine at 3.

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