Advertise with the Big Eye

I am currently looking for like-minded businesses that are interested in promoting themselves through a partnership with the Big Eye. This page offers the details of sponsorship advertising with my site, as well as a quick overview of the site stats for the past month and a broader 6-month look back.

What are some benefits of sponsor advertising with The Big Eye?

  • As I write content specifically geared to both competitive and casual Yu-Gi-Oh! players, your advertisement will reach players on all levels.
  • Advertisements are hosted directly on the site and are not blocked by ad blocking software.
  • Excluding the home page, the top 20 viewed posts have an average of 6.67 minutes on the page. Long form strategy articles leave readers on the page longer, providing more exposure to sponsor ads.
  • Create backlinks and drive targeted traffic to your site.

And, just to sweeten the sponsorship deal, a few extra perks that I’ll tack on to the deal:

  • A mention and backlink in my first post of each sponsorship month.
  • A weekly mention and link on all of The Big Eye social media channels (currently, Twitter and Facebook).
  • A static image of your logo in my social media page headers (for a little extra exposure, if desired).

What’s available?

Ad Size Price
Sidebar Ad (300 x 250) $20/month

$50/three consecutive months

Banner Ad (728 x 90) $30/month

$80/three consecutive months

Policy in not fine print:

All ad space is limited and confirmation of sponsorship is upon receipt of payment. Ad space must be purchased 3 days prior to the sponsored month. Invoices will be sent to existing sponsors prior to the start of the following month or quarterly for 3-month sponsors, and payment of the invoice will renew the sponsorship period. Nonpayment will indicate an end to the sponsorship period. Ads in the sidebar will be placed in the order payments are received.

Once your payment is received, I’ll email you to confirm, so please leave your email during the checkout process. You’ll need to send me your sponsor ad, the corresponding link and your logo image for my social media headers within 3 days of the ad start date, in either JPG or PNG format. Animated images are not permitted. Each sponsor will be considered to fit the space that The Big Eye represents, however, no guarantees can be made regarding the success of your ad. Please, no nudity or vulgarity in ads. Advertisements are non-refundable with the exception of any ads I deem inappropriate for the site. In this event, I will issue a refund of the cost through Paypal.

A Look at Last Month : October 2016

This month also saw a little growth over the previous few months and saw some growth in daily visits, according to Google Analytics stats for October 2016.

The quick look:

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-8-07-56-pm screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-8-14-21-pm

The detailed look:



Additionally, The Big Eye had an Amazon Affiliate conversion rate of 9.40% this month, primarily from directing traffic to post-specific cards and card gaming accessories.

The First Six Months of The Big Eye

Based on the statistics from the first six months, The Big Eye averages over 10,000 page views per month and over 400 page views per day. The site saw heavier traffic in February and March 2016, the two months preceding the announcement of the Forbidden & Limited List released in April 2016, and otherwise, receives a consistent audience of new and returning readers.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.41.09 AM


If you’re interested in taking a look at the current financial position of the site, you can take a look at that here.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or any other partnership ideas you have. Thank you.