ABC really builds itself (and is not cheap)

abcdragonbuster-sdks-en-ur-1eINOV is coming out and so is my set review for that but I want to look at a truly tuned ABC list. ABC is not super powerful, it’s just a weak Rank 4 deck with the added benefit of summoning ABC-Dragon Buster, which is a really good card, that makes the deck really good. Geargia had a stronger Rank 4 engine but couldn’t summon 3k beaters for free. Although, Geargia had Geargiagear and isn’t really a fair comparison. I miss good Geargia. But that’s irrelevant to this discussion, so let’s talk about tuning a deck list, specifically ABC.

ABC is not a cheap deck. I’m not sorry. Yugioh is a hobby and is not a human right to be playing it. It’s just a fact of life that our hobbies cost us money. Even though you can buy three of the structure decks and have a lot of the deck, you absolutely don’t have everything. The staples are not very cheap.

Needing three copies of the structure deck, let’s assume you get them at about $15 each, so that’s $45.

Four copies of Gold/Silver Gadget is a little more than $30.

You won’t find Photon Thrasher for less than $5 or $6 and you need three. That’s close to $20.

An optimal build includes three Pot of Desires. I know it’s expensive, that’s my point. A playset will run you $250ish. Maybe more, maybe less. Until it’s no longer legal or there’s a good reason not to use it, you should have three in your deck. That’s why it’s $85 dollars. It’s generic and goes in any deck.

I don’t know why you didn’t get Twin Twisters when they were $5-8 because they’re between $12 and 15 now. $35 more.

Three Solemn Strikes will run you $120.

I’d say Anti-Spell Fragrance is in an optimal build. $25-30. Roughly $80.

Dimensional Barrier is going to be a staple. They’re not on Amazon yet, but they’re between $60 and $80 on ebay. Keep in mind this is before INOV is actually out. I predict they’ll settle around $50 if we’re lucky. Most likely, they’ll go up after that. Pot of Desires did. So, $150 if you’re lucky.

Maxx “C”s are $15 and you really should own a playset, even if it’s Semi-Limited. $30…($45)

Bujintei Tsukuyomi is $25 or so.

bujinteitsukuyomi-lval-en-ur-1eThis is ignoring Pot of Acquisitveness (Avidity), Utopia the Lightning (I actually am in Europe, so no Lightning for me), Castel, Dire Wolf, Starliege Paladynamo, Emeral, Dweller, Vanity’s Fiend + Emptiness and your Kaijus. Oh yeah, Cycle Reader and Raigeki, too. Ignoring those cards, ABC costs about $750 if you can get a couple deals in. Yugioh is expensive. Yes, you CAN play ABC without any Desires, Fragrances, Strikes or Barriers but you’re going to lose a lot of mirrors to people with those cards. I know many people have actual budget constraints, so now I’ll be sorry. I just needed to let you know that the deck is expensive and there really aren’t replacements for these cards. I suppose Breakthrough Skill, Wing Blast, Trap Holes, Book of Eclipse and whatnot are okay, just not optimal.

Let’s get into tuning the ABC deck. The skeleton is three of each A, B and C. Three Union Hangar, three Terraforming, three Twin Twisters and three Pot of Desires. Three Photon Thrasher is now staple to make Tsukuyomi, as well as two each of Gold and Silver Gadget. You don’t want three and three. The floating really doesn’t matter, nor does the 200 extra ATK on Gold. It just doesn’t come up enough to actually run more of them. You’re running four Gadgets, they’re the same card. This is not a case where you want six, like with Manju and Senju in Nekroz. One is slightly worse but they’re the same card. You only need four. Reinforcement of the Army is the fourth Photon Thrasher.

So, that puts us to 29 cards. I previously said that Anti-Spell Fragrance and Solemn Strike are staples. They are. Winning the die-roll and flipping Anti-Spell against pretty much anything other than Burning Abyss usually wins the game unless they have some sort of Spell Speed 2 destruction. Solemn Strike puts a stop to Pendulum Summons, opposing ABC-Dragon Busters and annoying Xyz that would break our field. Oh, and annoying Synchros that lock down the game because that’s what Synchros do now, other than Ignister.

Now, we have 35 cards. Solemn Warning does most of the same stuff as Strike, just at 500 more LP. And it’s limited. It’s a cheap card now, make sure you have your lone copy. Emptiness is a floodgate that stops everything. If your opponent is playing a deck that can continue to play under Emptiness before they do anything and you’ve set up something like ABC, you’re going to win anyways.

That’s 37 cards. These last three slots are the flex slots. I know, only three? That’s what happens when we have generic cards like Twin Twisters, Desires and Strike. Some people like additional traps like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Book of Moon/Eclipse and Trap Hole cards. I also like traps because being forced to discard something like Maxx “C” or a Kaiju off of Tsuku just feels bad if you need to make ABC. It’s just three cards in your deck, though. Play some mix of Gameciel, Vanity’s Fiend and Maxx “C”. The most popular configuration is two Gameciel and one Vanity’s Fiend.


An aside before I move to the Side Deck: I saw someone say something to the effect of “Playing Kaijus and Vanity’s Fiend in the main deck is copying OCG. Create your own deck, noob.” Dear Johnny, play what wins if you want to win. I’m giving you my best advice for free. I don’t see sportsball players using homemade equipment. Especially professionals. They use the best stuff available to them. If that’s the same equipment as the other team, that puts them on an even playing field so that the better player (most of the time) will win. It’s the same in Yugioh. Use the best stuff to give yourself the best chance of winning. My competitive articles are not for being original. I’ve spent a lot of time trying other things and I truly believe the list I’ve provided you is the best. You may want to main Dimensional Barrier in the last three slots but I don’t like it in the main. It’s a valid choice, though.

I’ll get to the Extra Deck soon, that’s a lot more fluid. I’m going to just list the most common Side Deck cards.

Ally of Justice Cycle Reader
Chaos Hunter
D.D. Crow
Flying “C”
Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries
Kaijus (mostly Gameciel, sometimes Kumongous)
Maxx “C”

Book of Eclipse
Poisonous Winds
Pot of Acquisitiveness
System Down

Dimensional Barrier
Full House
Scramble Union
Storming Mirror Force (and all variants)

Pick 15 cards in any configuration that aren’t already in your Main Deck that are good against Burning Abyss, Metalfoes, Majespecter, Magicians and the ABC mirror. And if you’ve still got space, Blue-Eyes, Kozmo, Dark Magicians and other janky decks.

These are my 15.

2 Maxx “C”
2 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader
2 Book of Eclipse
2 System Down
3 Pot of Acquisitiveness
1 Scramble Union
3 Dimensional Barrier

Maxx “C” does less work than Gameciel, otherwise, it’d already be in the Main Deck. Swap with Fragrances for Burning Abyss. Metalfoes are the only other deck I’d bother, and only going second. Take out Vanity’s Fiend and probably one Fragrance.

allyofjusticecyclereader-ha03-en-sr-1eCycle Reader really is for the mirror. It has some stock against Burning Abyss and Blue-Eyes. I don’t like Spell Fragrance in the mirror. Gear Gigant can search Cycle Reader. Cut off all of one letter if you can.

Book of Eclipse gets swapped with your Kaiju of choice. Many people tell me not to use Gameciel because it ‘gives Blue-Eyes Rank 8s’. It doesn’t. You’re going to kill the Kaiju. If you don’t, summoning another Level 8 and combining it with what used to be their Spirit Dragon or previous Xyz isn’t a good use of cards. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve attacked over Gameciel with Gear Gigant X, I’d have a couple dollars. The reason you use Eclipse after game 1 is Jowgen, Vanity’s Fiend and Emptiness. Sure, you can’t just drop Gameciel on top of ABC-Dragon Buster but your opponent should be splitting ABC in the Standby Phase.

System Down is like super Raigeki in the mirror. It’s good. Don’t forget to equip your monsters with B so they don’t get banished. Don’t forget to attack over your opponent’s equipped monsters before activating System Down so you catch the equipped monster with System Down.

Pot of Avidity and Scramble Union take up four slots. I have not done enough testing to know if 3-1 or 2-2 split is correct. I have done enough testing to feel that four copies total is correct. I could be convinced either way. It’s possible 2-2 is better to make more explosive plays. If you’re 0% to win a game, but making a crazy play gives you a 10% chance to win, take it, even if it’s ridiculous. Scramble Union is crazier but gives you more cards to work with. Return from the Different Dimension is Forbidden for a reason.

dimensionalbarrier-inov-en-scr-1eDimensional Barrier is insane. It wins the Pendulum matches as much as Anti-Spell Fragrance and isn’t outed by chaining Spell/Trap destruction. Pendulum players out there, try Trap Stun. It negates Dimensional Barrier, Emptiness and Spell Fragrance so you can play, then turns them back on for your opponent’s turn. (Not Barrier)

I don’t like all the other Side Deck choices and really feel that this is an optimal list with the exception of 3-1 Acquisitiveness to Scramble Union.

I’ll briefly look at the Extra Deck.

Here’s what you need.

3 ABC-Dragon Buster
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Bujintei Tsukuyomi
1 Starliege Paladynamo
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Gear Gigant X

If Lightning is legal, you need Number 39: Utopia, plus the Lightning. That’s 10 or 12 cards. My additional choices are Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk, Utopia Prime and Bujinki Amaterasu. If you want to use Ghost Reaper, these slots can be cards like Dante. They could also be Synchros or Cyber Dragon Nova and Infinity if you use Tuners or Galaxy Soldier and Transmodify. Michael, Ancient Fairy Dragon and Scrap Dragon seem to be the best Synchros. An Extra Dweller, Emeral, Dire Wolf and/or Castel are all very legitimate options, too. The second of any of them has never come up for me, though. Neither has Amaterasu.

If you’re completely unaware, Thrasher or Gadget and Union Hangar is a good opening. Search A or C with Hangar. Summon Thrasher/Gadget, then your A/C and equip B. Overlay into Tsukuyomi, then B will fall off due to game mechanics and get you a search. Search A/C, the one you don’t have as material. Set what cards you can, detach A/C and discard to draw two cards. Now banish A, B and C from your Graveyard to summon ABC. You have at least two cards to discard with ABC. Maybe you can set one if it’s a trap and discard the other card. Maybe you were lucky and drew four Spell/Traps with Union Hangar+Thrasher/Gadget and you have a lot of back row.

Splitting ABC is also game. Split during your opponent’s turn and equip C to B. Special Summon C on your turn and equip B. Overlay A and equipped C to search Dire Wolf. Search A with B. Dire Wolf can either pop itself, or your Tsuku that wasn’t killed for whatever reason. Normal Summon A, overlay into something else that can detach two materials, like Rhapsody or Starliege. Summon two ABC and attack for big damage.

You’ll learn more combos and more about the deck as you play with it more. An optimal build isn’t cheap. I believe that ABC is the second best deck right now, only behind Metalfoes. The deck doesn’t do very many powerful things but it is extremely resistant to hate. The only cards that can truly hate it out are cards that stop Special Summons and those are answered with Books.

Until Wednesday, click an ad, find yourself some Dimensional Barriers and Kaiba Structure Decks and let me know what you think of my list on…



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