June 2017 Forbidden & Limited List

We’re faced with another Forbidden & Limited List update. I’m hesitant to call anything an emergency because Konami knows what’s going on with the meta, especially in the TCG because OCG is ahead of us. Regardless, we’ve got a new list going into effect June 12. JUNE! We never get lists ahead of time anymore, it’s strange. That’s over three weeks away. Continue reading “June 2017 Forbidden & Limited List”

Dinosaur King is what I wanna be

Dinosaurs are the coolest. If you don’t agree that dinosaurs are the tightest thing to walk the Earth, I’m not sure we can be friends. Regardless of your thoughts on dinos, I’m back to tell you all about dinos and make some waves in regards to deck building standards. Later I’ll briefly explain my absence. Let’s go! Continue reading “Dinosaur King is what I wanna be”