Magic: Red Aggro Decks in New Standard

This is an aggressive one-drop. Not a great one, but still an aggro one-drop.

Welcome to amateur competitive Magic player corner. I wanted to talk about White/Red Vehicles/Dwarves and how bad Bomat Courier is. The Big Eye will still primarily be a Yugioh site but sometimes other things that interest me may go here. I’m new to talking about Magic, but we’ll see how this goes. Let’s get into the red aggro decks. Continue reading “Magic: Red Aggro Decks in New Standard”

Standard would be good for Yugioh

Let me talk about a rotating format. Currently, there is one competitive format, Advanced. Every set printed in your region is legal with a Forbidden & Limited List┬árestricting certain cards Konami deems too powerful. Power creep is going to happen if Konami wants to sell product. Konami is a business that makes money by selling packs of Yugioh. If players have no reason to buy new packs, Konami will go out of business. Or, at least, Yugioh won’t be profitable. Konami has two options. Option one, power creep new cards so the new cards are always more powerful. Option two, ban the most powerful cards from old sets so people want to buy new cards. Konami has chosen the latter. There is a third option, though. It’s called rotation. Continue reading “Standard would be good for Yugioh”