Improve your game: Everybody knows something you don’t

WisdomEyeMagician-SDMP-EN-SR-1EEverybody knows something you don’t. You know some things and everyone else knows some different things. There is obviously a lot of overlap when you’re talking to someone about a topic you’re both interested in but not everyone in the conversation knows the same stuff. Thankfully, we have language to communicate our thoughts to each other. This is going to apply to more than just Yugioh. It’ll apply to every card game, every game and your life. Whenever faced with a choice, you need to make a decision. And for each decision you make, somebody else probably knows something you don’t know about the choice that can help you. Continue reading “Improve your game: Everybody knows something you don’t”

Deck of the day: Star Seraph Herald feat. Ben 10

TSHD-EN039 HeraldofPerfectionI’ve played more than my fair share of Herald builds and seen even more. I thought I found a build I liked until I looked around a little more and discovered just how good Benten is. Herald obviously needs a lot of fairies. I’ve played builds with Agents and Hyperion, builds with Spirits, builds with Advanced Ritual Art, builds with other janky fairies, builds with Star Seraphs. None have really felt right, even with Pre-Prep and Ritual Sanctuary. The hot tech I was looking for was Cyber Angel Benten. With the inclusion of Benten I’d be fairly happy taking Herald to any local tournament. I’d rather play Burning Abyss with Rhinos or Phantom Knights because Burning Abyss is just the best engine right now and combats everything. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with my build. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Star Seraph Herald feat. Ben 10”

Meta snapshot: ARG Oklahoma City

cameraclops-bpw2-na-sr-1eI’d like to do more metagame snapshots but I simply don’t have the time. Too many deck lists are made public, but they’re too random. Konami has no back log of them publicly, which I believe they should. TCGPlayer isn’t updated with all of the deck lists. is cumbersome to use and also doesn’t get all of the information. They also don’t tell you any information. I’m about to. Continue reading “Meta snapshot: ARG Oklahoma City”

Set Review: Duelist Pack Rivals of the Pharaoh

dprp-boosterenMany Yugioh players will ask if Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh is worth purchasing. Here’s a spoiler – packs are almost always a bad idea. Konami has done it again. They’ve released another small set, this time with only 11 new cards. I’m unexcited about this set. I won’t be buying any. But let’s take a look at what cards are in the set anyway. Continue reading “Set Review: Duelist Pack Rivals of the Pharaoh”

March 2013 Deck Guide: Evilswarms

EvilswarmOphion-HA07-EN-ScR-1EWelcome back to another March 2013 format deck guide. This time, it’s Evilswarm. What does the deck do? How does it win? Is it good? How does it lose? How do you beat it? All of these questions and more answered just for you. I want the March 2013 format to be played because it’s more diverse than April 2005, so I better get started on the archives. Remember, this is a guide for those that didn’t play during this format, so it may sound condescending but it isn’t. It’s for beginners to the format. Let’s get into it. Continue reading “March 2013 Deck Guide: Evilswarms”

Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update

here-come-dat-boiI have so much disdain for the TCG/OCG divide. It’s not good for the game. I believe it’ll be part of Yugioh’s eventual downfall if it doesn’t change. But it exists, and like YCS prize cards and inconsistent F&L lists, I have to deal with it because I love the game. Treatoad exists. Japan got it July 9th and we will get it in November. People will have been hyping Treatoad for more than four months when it finally releases. And by the time it releases, no one will care. But this is the casual Yugioh community. Continue reading “Card/Deck of the day: Treatoad and Froggos + New OCG October 1st Forbidden & Limited list update”

Top 5: Ways to level up your play

Because, ya know, top 5.
Because, ya know, top 5.

It’s been a while since I’ve written something a little more evergreen. It’s time for something not about current meta. Whether you’re new or you’ve been playing since the beginning, these are five things you really need to get down if you want to minimize your mistakes and maximize your win percentage. I see these ‘mistakes’ made mostly by new players and experienced players that get sloppy.┬áLet’s get into five tips that helped me level up as a player.

Continue reading “Top 5: Ways to level up your play”

The Blue-Eyes mirror match

dragonsmirror-dr04-en-sr-ueI started to write a card of the day for Dragluon but then I saw my friend reply to a picture I sent him saying he had most of the Blue-Eyes stuff already. I started to explain that the two flex slots I have in my list are Twin Burst and Michael. But Twin Burst is really good in the mirror match. So I decided to write about the Blue-Eyes mirror match instead. The Blue-Eyes mirror feels a lot like a mix between the Nekroz mirror and the Dragon Ruler mirror. It’s really fun and takes more skill than I initially thought. Please, hear me out. Continue reading “The Blue-Eyes mirror match”

The meta after the first regional weekend: September 2016

So when all the deck lists from this weekend came in, I was surprised how many Blue-Eyes decks there were. I was more surprised at the suboptimal choices, though. And by that, I don’t mean in gameplay, because I didn’t see anyone play, and I don’t mean broad deck choices like playing D/D/D. I mean playing less than 15 cards in your Extra Deck and playing more than 40 cards with Upstart Goblin. Regardless, let’s look at what I learned about the meta from this weekend. Continue reading “The meta after the first regional weekend: September 2016”

Are the 2016 Mega Tins worth it?

It’s that time again. A new set just released with new cards. I disagree with new cards being introduced to the main competitive format in something other than sets and stuff like structure decks, but you could do worse than regular print run tins. Like prize cards and books. Those are worse than tins. I have a lot of readers from the U.K., Germany, Australia and Italy. None of them can use Utopia the Lightning. Regardless, the new stuff is in a tin and is legal in all of the TCG. What’s in it? Is it worth the $19.99 that Konami is asking?


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