Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II

TDIL-BoosterENLast post, I started the set review for TDIL. Many cards are bad, but that’s nothing new. I went over cards 001 to 040. Today, it’s time for cards 41 to 80. What I say is my opinion. If you disagree with anything, let me know. I’m always willing to discuss where I’m wrong because I get to learn something. Pictures coming when good scans exist. I have nothing more to add in regards to an introduction, so let’s get to it with Wrecker Panda. Continue reading “Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part II”

Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part I

TDIL-BoosterENThe Dark Illusion is legal for play August 5th, so let’s take a look at the new cards. They’re not up on the database, but the wikia has the full set as per usual. Also, as per usual, the set is coming out pretty quietly because everyone has been looking at the cards for months. The wikia normally has really nice scans, but right now they’re trash because people haven’t scanned their cards with a nice scanner yet. So, pictures will come when that happens. I used to do set reviews in groups of about 20 cards, but I find when I’m reading set reviews I usually skim most of it, so I’m upping core sets to 40-40-20 as the first 80 are the same as OCG’s set, then cards 081-099 and 000 are WP (World Premier) cards, either imports from OCG or exclusive to the TCG for now. Let’s start with card 001. Continue reading “Set Review: The Dark Illusion Part I”