A parent’s guide to tournament Yugioh

MotherGrizzly-SDRE-EN-C-1EI learned to play Yugioh years ago. I only had my friends to play with. My parents were completely disinterested. At some point, I learned there were tournaments and started attending. I realized I was awful at this game and that my deck was awful. These people were on a completely different level than I was. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be good at this game. I wanted a better deck. I wanted to know what priority meant. The decks that were used against me weren’t fair, but obviously, they were legal and anyone could play these unfair decks, making them fair. I learned a lot on my own and part of the reason I started The Big Eye was to help new players. But what I hadn’t realized was that a lot of new players are young and a lot of parents have kids that like Yugioh and don’t know anything about it. Let’s get into the parents’ guide to tournament Yugioh. Everything here also applies to any new players of the game. Continue reading “A parent’s guide to tournament Yugioh”

Top 10: Decks for the September 2016 format

We have a new F&L list, which I already talked about. If you’re new to Yugioh, that means everyone is scrambling to find new decks because the list shook everything up. In reality, this past list didn’t shake things up too much. Konami hits things on the F&L list in cycles to push new products. Allow me to explain. Continue reading “Top 10: Decks for the September 2016 format”

The August (actually September) 2016 Forbidden & Limited List

14051629_1335924283114204_5439693548433692646_nFor most people, Christmas only comes once a year. As a kid, I never found Christmas exciting because I knew everything about it. I knew when it was, how that morning would go and pretty much exactly what everyone was going to get. The F&L lists are always exciting. We never know when they’re going to come anymore and we never know what’s going to be on it. I’ve heard a lot about this latest list, but it isn’t a meta nuke like many claimed.  Continue reading “The August (actually September) 2016 Forbidden & Limited List”

Set Review: Dragons of Legend Unleashed

When I started writing this, I still didn’t have internet in my home so I had to load the database when I could, then write this set review from that. There are 40 new cards and 33 reprints, including Night Express Knight. I know about trains, please don’t tell me again. Dragons of Legend 3 packs each have five cards in them, four ultra rares and one secret rare. I don’t have anything else to say other than if you think something different than I do, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into it. Continue reading “Set Review: Dragons of Legend Unleashed”

Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon

MysticalSpaceTyphoon-MRL-NA-UR-1EIt’s not often that the best one for one Spell/Trap removal in the game is contested. For most of Yugioh’s history, Mystical Space Typhoon is the only Spell/Trap removal you need. Other than big sweepers like Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade and Cold Wave, MST has been the best and usually the only one people used. Anything like Twister or Dust Tornado was used because it fit the theme of the deck better than MST, or as more copies of MST than you’re allowed. So, copies four through six. Or copies two or three when MST was limited. This is a top ten list – and like any top ten list – it’s my opinion and not based on strict facts. If you disagree or I forgot something, let me know in the comments. Let’s get into the top ten cards like MST. Continue reading “Top 10: Cards that are like Mystical Space Typhoon”

Deck of the day: Blue-Eyes aren’t so bad after all

BlueEyesWhiteDragon-DPBC-EN-UR-1EI like Blue-Eyes. You like Blue-Eyes. Despite my daughter calling it a dinosaur, she likes Blue-Eyes. Everyone and their mother likes Blue-Eyes. Unfortunately I don’t think the Blue-Eyes deck will be winning any large tournaments, but it certainly can at locals. Of course, that depends on your locals. But since everyone that sends me a message is asking about complete garbage or Blue-Eyes, I figured I should revisit Blue-Eyes now that Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon is out. Please bear with me while I switch internet providers. Living in Spain means I have no idea how long it will be before I have internet in my home again. The Dragons of Legend: Unleashed set review is coming, but for now let’s talk about Blue-Eyes. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Blue-Eyes aren’t so bad after all”

Deck of the day: PK Fire

DanteTraveleroftheBurningAbyss-DUEA-EN-ScR-1EAs much as I think this format is skillful and diverse, I’m tired of it. There are a hundred different decks, all with viable variants. None of the good decks are mindless. I think I’m tired of this format because none of the decks are fun to play, nor are they as powerful as previous format’s best decks. Just on a straight power level comparison, I’d say that none of the current decks are stronger than Nekroz, Dragon Rulers or even Cold Wave and Oppression Glads from 2008. So even though this format is diverse and skillful, I want to take a look at why Burning Abyss is still popular and still good. At ARG Providence (August 13/14) and the ARG 25k (July 30/31) Burning Abyss decks made up 25% and 41% of top cut, respectively. Burning Abyss is not 80% of top cut like Nekroz and Performages and Pals were, but a lot of people are still playing it. What makes it good? Continue reading “Deck of the day: PK Fire”

Deck of the day: Majespecter Kirin and 37 other pendulums

MajespecterUnicornKirin-DOCS-EN-R-1EI was going to write about Pot of Desires but my thoughts are the same as pretty much everyone else’s. Drawing two cards is great, but if you need specific cards, you shouldn’t play Pot of Desires. I then saw Johnny Li top 32 another event with a Kirin deck. Burning Abyss is a strong deck, but Kirin is very difficult to deal with. Let’s look at the deck I think is the best deck of the format, until it changes. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Majespecter Kirin and 37 other pendulums”

Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs

DestinyDraw-RYMP-EN-ScR-UEWelcome to Casual Corner. Today I’ll be looking at three versions of Destiny HEROs. I received an email from a guy named Adam asking if I would consider looking at Destiny HEROs. So I decided to try out some different Destiny HERO builds. Adam never gave me a deck list, so I had to start from scratch. He requested I not just make another Diamond Dude deck and that I try to make something with Blade Master. Adam lucked out because he emailed me right as I was preparing to launch my Patreon. It’s just a way to help keep writing content for you guys here. One of the rewards is to deck doctor your decks. I’ve set the limit to four for now, but I may increase the amount I do if it’s popular. So, let’s get to Destiny HEROs. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Destiny HEROs”

Set review: The Dark Illusion part III

I’ve reviewed the first 80 cards in TDIL, minus 000. Today it’s time to go over all of the WP cards. That’s World Premier, meaning they’re new to the TCG and not in OCG’s version of the same set. Anything I say is my opinion and open for discussion. You can send me an email or you can leave a comment. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook where you can message me if you have anything to say. Pictures will be in when good scans exist. Today, I’m starting with Magical Something. No, that’s actually its name. Continue reading “Set review: The Dark Illusion part III”