Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part III

MVP1-BoosterENWelcome back to Part III of the Dark Side of Dimensions movie pack review. Today I’ll be looking at all of the Cubic cards. I guess they’re used by the antagonist in the movie? The cards aren’t competitive, so they won’t get a competitive rating. They’re pretty much straight garbage. And the Armageddon Knight-esque one isn’t even in the movie pack and that’s probably the best one. We’ll probably get it sometime, but for now, with two different games, the TCG has no announcements of it. It could come out anytime, though. Konami likes to wait until the cards are almost released to tell us about them. Continue reading “Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part III”

Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part II

Welcome back to the Dark Side of Dimensions movie pack set review! On Monday, we looked at the Kaiba cards, or at least the cards I would guess Kaiba would play and a few miscellaneous other cards. Today, it’s Yugi’s turn. I don’t have much more to introduce, so let’s get into the first card. Continue reading “Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part II”

Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part I

MVP1-BoosterENThe Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack is out, MVP1. With it comes 53 new cards, so let’s take a look at them. This is going to be a three-part set review with the Kaiba cards in part 1, Yugi for part 2 and the other dude for part 3. I haven’t seen the movie so some cards are probably in the wrong spots, but they’re divided to be roughly equal. Every card in the set is Ultra Rare. There are five cards per pack. Let’s get into it. Continue reading “Set review: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Part I”

Top 8 decks from the EUWCQ

The EUWCQ was last weekend. It was pretty quiet compared to the NAWCQ. There were 1386 players with a cut to top 64. Half as many players as the NAWCQ, but the same top cut. Top cut really should be reserved for those who proved themselves in the swiss rounds. I’d be okay with top 16, but I really just want top 8, so we’re going to look at the top 8 deck lists from the 2016 EUWCQ. Remember that Lightning isn’t legal, so let’s-a-go. Continue reading “Top 8 decks from the EUWCQ”

Evaluating cards

You have to wonder if a card is good or not
You have to wonder if a card is good or not

At the time of writing this, there are 7,350 different cards legal in North America. The database also tells me that there are 7,865 different cards legal in Japan. The TCG got 589 new cards last year. The specifics don’t particularly matter, but between 500 to 600ish cards enter the game every year. That’s a lot of cards. About 45 to 50 cards every month. And four times a year they come in bunches of 100. Regardless of how many new cards come out, you should be looking at all of them and trying to figure out where the new cards slot into the format. Do they create a new deck? Do they make an older deck viable again? Do they make a good deck better? Today, let’s talk about evaluating cards. Continue reading “Evaluating cards”

Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game

Konami isn’t dumb. I don’t know what forces keep the TCG and OCG from melding, but they both exist, and it’s time for them to meld. No mana payment. Just melding. During the NAWCQ live stream two new Subterror cards were revealed for TDIL, which comes out August 5th. Then, during the EUWCQ, we saw all of the new SPYRAL cards. But we only saw the pictures. We don’t know level, name, attributes, or even if they are monsters. My point is not to preview these cards. My point is to say that the new cards are exciting because we haven’t known about them for months. Continue reading “Spoilers are called spoilers because they spoil the game”

Don’t be afraid to try new things

DarkSimorgh-CT08-EN-SR-LEAt the NAWCQ we saw a lot of Domain Monarchs. The last time we saw Domain Monarchs, Performapals were dominant. Then Kozmo saw a surge in play and Monarchs started playing with an Extra Deck because Kozmo doesn’t care about being locked out of theirs. Then Burning Abyss saw a surge in play, and they use their Extra Deck a lot. Now Domain is being played again. These are meta changes. While the best archetypes are usually clear, how to play that strategy isn’t. For the past few years, there have been multiple ways to play most decks. Most players say you need to innovate to be ahead. The spiciest technology from the NAWCQ was Typhoon, Corebage and Dark Simorgh in the Main Deck. Otherwise, we’ve seen everything before. Even then, Typhoon and Corebage aren’t new techs. Continue reading “Don’t be afraid to try new things”

Top 32 deck lists from the 2016 NAWCQ

The North American World Championship Qualifier has come to a close. Top cut was 64, which I think is a little high, but that was the decision made. More than 32 copies of Minerva were given out to the top 32 finishers and I tried to compile all of their deck lists. If only there was a way for Konami to publish the deck lists or something. Maybe if they had a website like they could put YCS, WCQ and worlds deck lists there. At any rate, I’ve managed to gather 21 of the 32 deck lists and I’m going to share all of them with you. Most were from deck profiles on YouTube, where you’d have to watch 17 videos. Here’s the condensed version. Continue reading “Top 32 deck lists from the 2016 NAWCQ”

10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network

So with DN and YGOPro ordered to cease and desist, everyone’s heard the rumors that there is going to be some official YuGiOh Online. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how it’s going to be worse than DN and how nobody should use it. I want to present ten reasons why an official system that isn’t Dueling Network will be better than Dueling Network. This list is also ways the new official game could mess up if they don’t do these things. Continue reading “10 ways that YuGiOh Online will be better than Dueling Network”

We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?

TellarknightVatlamyus-INOV-JP-OPTellarknights are old news. Shaddolls are old news. Qliphorts are old news. Infernoids are old news. Why are Tellarknights getting a card that’s Construct with a Darth Maul-like body made out of Tierra and Tierra looks like it’s made out of the same Qli robot materials? On the whole though, I don’t care about story. It doesn’t affect gameplay. I’m unsure of why people are getting so excited over cards coming out in November. Yugioh players seem to forget what is actually soon. The Movie Pack, Felgrand Structure Deck and The Dark Illusion are all July. Continue reading “We have a new Tellarknight! Is it good?”