Competitive Corner: No one runs Domain anymore!

PerformapalPendulumSorcererClifton Land, Scott Page, and Louis Poma all made top 16 at YCS Origins with Performapals. Clifton made it to top 4, while Scott and Louis lost their top 16 matches. This is not to belittle their top. I’ve never made it to top 16 at a YCS. These three players played almost the same deck. The same 38:13:5 for Main:Side:Extra. Let’s look at how Performapals are being built. Continue reading “Competitive Corner: No one runs Domain anymore!”

Competitive Corner: Dante is almost two years old

DanteTraveleroftheBurningAbyss-DUEA-EN-ScR-1EIf you don’t know by now, Jake Phinney and Alexander “Based Loli” Juneja are two good players. They both seem like nice guys, too, but I’ve never met nor talked to them. Regardless of how nice they are, both of them made Top 8 at YCS Origins with Speedy Spooky Demons. Much better name than PK Fire. The decks are pretty similar with only six cards being different. Let’s delve into it and see why Speedy Spooky Demons are still a good choice even though their ceiling is lower than Monarchs or Kozmo. Continue reading “Competitive Corner: Dante is almost two years old”

Casual Corner: Monster Munch

This is a Monster Mash
This is a Monster Mash

Madolche are sweet. Literally. They’re all desserts. They’re not deserts, as I’ve seen many people say online. What kind of sweet treats have people come up with? There was Trick-or-Treat, which was pretty spooky and used the Ghostricks as a stalling engine until Tiaramisu could do her thing. Spell Striker OTK used Spell Striker to extend plays, hence the name. Pop Rocks abused Brilliant Fusion to make OTKs, and at the UK Nationals we saw Monster Munch. Monster Munch uses the Kaiju monsters to solve the problems that Madolche has. Madolche is easily stopped. I know it’s not actually Monster Munch, but that ice cream is what I think of because I’m American and not British. Monster Munch is a British snack.  Continue reading “Casual Corner: Monster Munch”

A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3

XYZDragonCannon-JP-Anime-DM-NCToday isn’t card of the day, it’s archetype of the day. Okay, not a true archetype because they don’t share a naming convention, but it’s the AtoZ group. In late 2003, we got X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ and XYZ. They’re a series of LIGHT Machine-Type monsters. X is a Normal Monster, Y and Z are unions, and the combinations are the Fusion Monsters that don’t require Polymerization. Instead you banish the materials that you control. Then in 2005, we got V, W, VW and VWXYZ. Now, a few days ago, Japan got A, B, C and ABC. ABC series is way better than VWXYZ. Continue reading “A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3”

Four steps to building on a budget

PotofRiches-MP15-EN-ScR-1EIf you want to perform the best, you need to use the best deck. This gives you the best chance of winning and affords you more misplays than playing a worse deck. While there are valid reasons not to play the best deck, the most common is price. Yugioh is a hobby. Hobbies are expensive. They’re not required, and you pay money to do your hobby because you enjoy it. While making money playing yugioh is possible, that’s not what today is about. At the time of writing this, Shining Victories is the latest set. I’m going to take a look at Performapals, and see what we can save. The process is the same for any deck, in any currency. Continue reading “Four steps to building on a budget”

Cards of the day: Gameciel & Kumongous

GamecieltheSeaTurtleKaiju-DOCS-EN-R-1EToday’s card of the day is actually two cards. The first released last August in Clash of Rebellion. The other, three months later in Dimensions of Chaos. The two cards are Gameciel and Kumongous. While the other Kaiju monsters are effective, all have 2700 or more ATK. Gameciel and Kumongous in particular, are weak enough that you can run them over with pretty much any monster. The Kaijus aren’t being featured because it’s a good deck. It’s not. I’ve tried to make it work, and competitively, it’s just not viable. You can try casually, and it’d be okay. Continue reading “Cards of the day: Gameciel & Kumongous”

Are errata good for Yugioh?

trishula_dragon_of_the_ice_barrierBy creating the game of Yugioh and owning all of its assets, Konami has the ability to errata cards. What is an errata? An errata is a change to a card effective on all copies, even older ones with older text. Changing mistakes is fine with me. Technically, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier technically wasn’t an ‘Ice Barrier’ monster. Dance Princess of the Nekroz still adds back banished ‘Necroz’ monsters. Konami is able to errata cards. They have. Many times. Necrovalley has had six errata and people still don’t really know what the card does. Sometimes cards get an errata to make it clearer how it works, or because of a mistranslation. But sometimes, Konami changes what cards do and how they work. Should they? My gut reaction is a strong no, but let’s see if we can’t find some validity to errata-ing cards. Continue reading “Are errata good for Yugioh?”

Casual Corner: Lightsworn (June 2016)

JudgmentDragon-SDLI-EN-C-1EWelcome back to the casual corner. Each time I pick someone’s pet deck and try to make it less bad. This time, it’s mine, Lightsworn. This is casual corner so more than 40 cards is fine, and sub-optimal choices are fine because playing the casual deck isn’t optimal. If you aren’t familiar with the Lightsworn cards yet, I’ll explain them briefly, but you really should go read them. Get very intimate with Judgment Dragon. It wins games. Maybe I’ll do some kind of Lightsworn build every format because I really like them. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Lightsworn (June 2016)”

What is a scrub?

ScrubbedRaid-DP09-EN-SR-1EWhat is a scrub? Who is a scrub? Are you a scrub? What does a scrub do? I asked on my Facebook how you define a scrub, but I got no replies. That’s okay, because I’m about to explain what a scrub is, what they do and how you can stop being a scrub. Scrubs try to play on a competitive level, but make excuses for their failures and are often Timmies or Johnnies. They assume a certain way to play is the correct way, and that all other ways are cheap or for noobs. Scrubs are unwilling to ‘play dirty’ even if it is within the rules. Continue reading “What is a scrub?”

Meet Timmy, Johnny and Spike

ImageWelcome to the player profile support group. We all have problems and that’s okay.

Spike: “Hi. My name is Spike and I play to win.”

Timmy: “Hi. I’m Timmy and I just like overextending.”

Johnny: “I’m Johnny and I just want my sweet combo to go off.”

You are one of these types of players. I’m a Spike. Maybe you really only fit in one camp, maybe two, maybe all three. Mark Rosewater, lead designer of most Magic sets, fully explains these psycho-graphic profiles in much better detail than I probably can. He’s had more time to understand these theories because Magic is 10 years older than Yugioh and he was never trying to understand anything other than how to play until 2012 or so. Continue reading “Meet Timmy, Johnny and Spike”