Big Eye’s Rants: May 31st

dumbMy friend sent me a screenshot from Zodiac. Everyone knows that Zodiac is full of garbage and nothing but garbage. Even my friend is garbage. Screenshots from mobile are some of the worst screenshots. But the question was “I have Rivalry up and my opponent Stormforths. This means that they have to tribtue mymonster for the same type if they want to use it correct? As in Qliphort is machine they have to have a machine. I’m fairly certain it has been ruled this way many times previously. Stormforth specificly states “as if you controlled the monster”. Continue reading “Big Eye’s Rants: May 31st”

Set review: Starter Deck Yuya

YS16-DeckENMany Yugioh players ask the question, “Is Starter Deck Yuya worth it?” The product description page proudly talks about the new Performapal Sleight Hand Magician and touts reprints like Lightning Vortex, Book of Moon and Pendulum Reborn, but doesn’t mention the reprints that are actually good. the full set list can be found here. So, let’s get into it. Continue reading “Set review: Starter Deck Yuya”

Casual Corner: Burgesstoma

BurgesstomaAnomalocaris-CORE-KR-SR-1EDo you like one for one exchanges? They’re not bad. But do you like getting a monster every time you activate anything? Burgesstoma do just that. They’re all Normal Traps that summon themselves when you activate another trap! Their trap effects do just about everything too. They’re also based off mega old dinosaur age sea creatures. But other than make Rank 2s, what can you do with them? Please note all names are subject to change. Continue reading “Casual Corner: Burgesstoma”

Deck of the day: Demise Qliphort

CardofDemise-MIL1-EN-UR-1EDo you like robots? Robots are pretty cool. When shouldn’t you like robots? When they are Jewbots that were sealed away under the Sacred Tree. Damn it, Winda. Why’d you have to go blowing up the Sacred Tree releasing all of the Qlis and Infernoids? You dun goof’d. Qliphort was the first competitively viable Pendulum Deck. And now, they’re back with a card that just says “Draw 3 cards.” Continue reading “Deck of the day: Demise Qliphort”

Card of the day: Angel Trumpeter

SHVI-EN001Today’s card of the day is a card I didn’t expect to be relevant so soon. It’s Angel Trumpeter. Angel Trumpeter is an EARTH Level 4 Plant-Type Normal Tuner Monster with 1900 ATK and 1600 DEF. That’s it. Nothing more to it. No effect to speak of. However, Angel Trumpeter doesn’t actually stop there. It’s a Normal Monster and a Tuner. The things you can do with it already are amazing. Of course, there could be more interactions if it had 0 DEF, was a LIGHT/DARK or something, but plenty of cards aren’t LIGHT/DARK and don’t have 0 DEF and are still good. Continue reading “Card of the day: Angel Trumpeter”

Konami’s Yugioh Online would be better than DN or YGOPros any day

Currently, there are two main options to play Yugioh online, should you want to play. Whether you want to test out a deck that’s new to you, a deck you haven’t tried, test for a tournament or play casually, DN and YGOPro variants allow you to play with all of the cards for free. Both platforms have their benefits and downsides, but I want to explain how Konami could make an official YGO-Online platform and make it better than YGOPro and DN.

DN perfectly captures dueling in real life.
DN perfectly captures dueling in real life with its special DN rarity.

Continue reading “Konami’s Yugioh Online would be better than DN or YGOPros any day”

Deck of the day: Kozmo

KozmoDarkDestroyer-DOCS-EN-ScR-1EIn the TCG we have twenty Kozmo cards. That’s not a lot compared to archetypes like HERO or Blackwings, but there are archetypes that have less cards and were also top decks. Nekroz has 18 cards, including the Zefras. Inzektors have 22, but a lot of it is straight garbage. Inzketor Orb, anyone? Regardless, Kozmo has been viable from day 1 with Farmgirl, Goodwitch, Sliprider, Forerunner and Kozmotown. The deck has only gotten better with more support. And now that we’ve likely gotten our last batch of support, Dark Lady and Landwalker have been everywhere and people have been trying to break Dark Planet. There’s just one problem. Konami made Dark Planet fair. Playing fair just can’t compete with unfair things. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Kozmo”

Decks of the day: Burning Abyss and PK Fire

Traveling in the Burning Abyss can be dangerous when Ghost Reapers are lurking nearby
Traveling in the Burning Abyss can be dangerous when Ghost Reapers are lurking nearby

I may or may not have said that Burning Abyss aren’t good anymore. Somehow, they still are. When I was playing the deck I don’t know how I won so many games without ever summoning a monster with more than 2500 ATK. Even though Ghost Reaper exists, I guess Burning Abyss still exist. I want to look at eight Burning Abyss decks today and just look at the choices that led to top 8 finishes for all of these players. Six are Phantom Knight variants, two are not. Here we goooooo. Continue reading “Decks of the day: Burning Abyss and PK Fire”

How to prepare for an upcoming tournament.

Many players ask themselves what they need to do in order to prepare for a tournament. How should you test? Should you test? Going to a tournament unprepared can be stressful. Going to a tournament prepared can be stressful. At least preparing somewhat reduces the stress on you. I’m mostly going to cover how to prepare for tier 2 events, like a regional or YCS, but this can apply to your locals that you attend every week. So let me get into how to prepare for an event. Continue reading “How to prepare for an upcoming tournament.”