Beatrice Turbo is a thing. So is New Zealand Nationals?…

If she is your BAEtrice, don't abuse her
If she is your BAEtrice, don’t abuse her

This is going to be a short post, but it’s already late when I’m writing this. Everyone knows that Beatrice is a good card. It’s Lavalval Chain, but better. It’s Rank 6, which is harder to summon, but it works on both players’ turns and gives you a monster when it dies. Pretty unfair. This list got Top 16 at New Zealand nats. I didn’t even know they started this early. I heard it was 89 players, but in the report, Ny3 played some good decks at least. Continue reading “Beatrice Turbo is a thing. So is New Zealand Nationals?…”

Amorphage are cool. I hate that cool archetypes are bad.

DracoFaceOff-BOSH-EN-C-1ELuster Pendulum and Master Pendulum are the LIGHT commanders of the FIRE, WIND and WATER armies of the Igknight, Majespecter and Dinomist. That’s four of the six attributes, where are the DARK and EARTH guys at? The Dracoverlords have DARK covered and our Draconnected EARTH attribute archetype in Shining Victories (SHVI) They’re about on equal power level as Dinomist and unfortunately probably won’t see competitive play. If you don’t know what they do yet, read on and I’ll explain them. Continue reading “Amorphage are cool. I hate that cool archetypes are bad.”

Cards of the day: Mega Thestalos and Frost Blast

Whether or not you’re playing Monarchs and whether or not the version being played has an extra deck, there are two cards you need to consider and/or watch out for if you’re playing Monarchs or against Monarchs. Those two cards are Frost Blast of the Monarchs and Thestalos the Mega Monarch. If you don’t know what they do, it’s time to read them. Continue reading “Cards of the day: Mega Thestalos and Frost Blast”

Kozmo Wave 4 thoughts

In Clash of Rebellions (CORE) we (the TCG) got two new WP archetypes, Kaiju and Kozmo. Then in Dimension of Chaos (DOCS) and Breakers of Shadow (BOSH) we got two more installments. Next, in Shining Victories(SHVI) we get another installment of Kaiju and Kozmo. So far each time we’ve gotten 4 Kozmo Monsters, a Kozmo Spell/Trap, 2 Kaiju Monsters and a Kaiju Spell/Trap. Today I’m going to talk briefly about all of the new Kozmo cards. Continue reading “Kozmo Wave 4 thoughts”

Cards of the day: Red, Green and Yellow Gadget

I only played casually in 2007, but I do remember buying a few of the Ancient Gear structure deck because Ancient Gear Golem is cool as heck, and in that structure deck was a series of monsters that made my newly constructed “Ancient Gear Deck” better than my friend’s Elemental HERO deck. Those monsters were Green Gadget, Red Gadget and Yellow Gadget. Cards like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force and Dark Hole didn’t mean anything to my Gadgets because I always had more Gadgets to summon, and when I drew Ultimate Offering with a Gadjiltron Dragon or Ancient Gear Golem, the was pretty much over in like 5 more turns. Oh, to not know what meta is.AllOutAttacks-TF04-JP-VG Continue reading “Cards of the day: Red, Green and Yellow Gadget”

Card of the day: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

We don't have a better English picture yet
We don’t have a better English picture yet

Now that we have an official English name for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, we can officially talk about it. Everyone is saying this card single-handedly kills Burning Abyss and it kind of does, but I want to talk about how to play against it instead of complaining that it ruins Yugioh. Continue reading “Card of the day: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries”

Card(s) of the day: Dark Magician of Chaos

This is the first Card(s) of the day. I’m shifting my content to do content Monday through Friday. It will be slightly shorter, but every day (hopefully) so you can check back every day and make it part of your daily routine. I’ll still have longer articles. I’m planning for it to go up on Sundays. My plan now is to do this through May. Longer if it works.

Invasion of Chaos (IOC) came out in March of 2004, and with it came the chaos monsters. Dark Magician of Chaos is a chaos monster. It came out in Invasion of Chaos and has “chaos” in the name. Shortly after, DMoC was limited and remained limited until 2008 when it was forbidden, never to be seen again. Until 2016. Fast forward to April of 2016, Dark Magician of Chaos is unlimited, for the first time in 12 years.

dark magician of chaos
My girlfriend saw this picture and said he needs to eat a sandwich.

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Please don’t play Tellarknights anymore.

Satellarknights debuted in summer of 2014. Back then they were able to compete with the other decks, Shaddolls, Burning Abyss and shortly after, Qliphort. But as time passed and new cards came out, Tellars slowly got power creeped and received a lot of collateral damage. Continue reading “Please don’t play Tellarknights anymore.”

Official April 11th 2016 Forbidden & Limited List!

The official April 11th list was just released. A few surprising changes, many unsurprising changes for the better of the game. RIP in pepperoni pepe. I know, everyone calls it DracoPals, but still. Womp. Is the format going to be Kozmo vs BA now? Both leaked lists were BS, not surprising. But finally! We have the list at last! I really hate that we don’t have set dates anymore…



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