Leaked April 18th Forbidden & Limited List (It’s probably fake, I know)

So we got another presumably fake list. Before everyone says it’s fake before saying anything else, let me reason with you. This list is likely not real, but let’s talk about it pretending it is. Then we can talk about what we think of the changes if it were the real list. Continue reading “Leaked April 18th Forbidden & Limited List (It’s probably fake, I know)”

How to be G.A.Y. Part 3: Missing the Timing

Before you alert the SJWs, G.A.Y. stands for Good At Yugioh. This is part 3 in my rulings series. Part 1 and Part 2 are written. Parts 4+ are coming. When it’s finished I’ll link it all up, otherwise check out the categories to find future posts. I hope you learn something. Continue reading “How to be G.A.Y. Part 3: Missing the Timing”

Ryan Pasnik’s 17th Place Mermail Atlanteans

MermailAbyssmegalo-ABYR-EN-ScR-1ERyan Pasnik got 17th at a regional out of 280 players. He played Mermail/Atlanteans. While 17th place isn’t spectacular, it is better than 280th or 33rd. Atlanteans are decent or rather triggering them is. Going into the event Ryan told me he felt confident with “Murmail” as they don’t auto lose to the top decks and turns out he only played meta. His matchups were as follows. Continue reading “Ryan Pasnik’s 17th Place Mermail Atlanteans”

Congratulations to Damon Ravage!

Damon Ravage has won the deck box and dice giveaway. I have sent them an email regarding information I need. If I don’t receive a reply within a week, I will have to pick another winner.

Thanks to all participants that entered. I hope to do more giveaways in the future. Possibly worldwide.

If you still want a box/dice for yourself, you can get some.

If you’re in the US, Amazon.com:

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Be pro @ ygo Part 2: Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain. SEGOC for short.

SimultaneousLossDR04-EN-C-UEThis is part two of a five+ part series about certain intricacies in Yugioh that many players seem to be unaware of. This time, I’m going to explain turn player priority and the flow chart. Keep in mind that I’ve played the game for years and am not trying to be condescending. You probably know things about your hobby/job/expertise that feel obvious and second nature, but to any beginner might not be. If you haven’t yet, read part one. Continue reading “Be pro @ ygo Part 2: Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain. SEGOC for short.”

April 1, 2016 OCG Forbidden & Limited List

The Forbidden & Limited list effective April 1, 2016 in the OCG was announced in V-Jump or something. I don’t know any Japanese, but NeoArkadia does, or something. I’m just going to cover what I think these changes might mean for the TCG. I don’t play OCG and I’m sorry for not offering insightful insight to this list for OCG players. I simply don’t have the time and brainpower to talk about the OCG at this time.

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Richards’ and Robertson’s Revolutionary Raidraptors!

Raidraptors is a theme many players aren’t familiar with due to their support being so spread out across sets. But Wing Raiders finally brought the last few pieces the deck needed. If you want, you can read the cards for yourself, but if you don’t know how to read, don’t worry, I’ll cover them here.

Raidraptor deck
Kaepora Gaebora will explain Raidraptors for you.

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Your Burning Abyss deck isn’t good anymore.

The Burning Abyss deck has a lot of problems.

If the deck didn’t have any problems, why would you play anything else? Well, you’re going to lose games to yourself. You can either not play traps and get blown out by stuff like Abyss Dweller or you can play a ton of traps and lose to Twin Twisters because you’re relying on traps to protect you. You only have one Graff, one Tour Guide and two Cir, how are you going to make plays with your precious Burning Abyss deck


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Top 5 items you shouldn’t play without + giveaway

If you’re playing Yugioh, you likely have gear or supplies other than just the cards. Or you’re looking to get some and want to know what the best is. Sure, you can play with bare cards on a bare table and keep track of everything in your head, but that ruins your cards and can make handling them more difficult. These are the top 5 items I would never play without.

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March 2013 Yugioh Format Archive (The Dragon Ruler Format)

Welcome to the Format Archive, where I go a format, one at a time. Last time I covered the September 2012 format and today I will cover the March 2013 format. Everyone just calls this the Dragon Ruler format, but more things happened than just Dragon Rulers and I’m here to tell you about those things.

MechaPhantomBeastDracossack-LTGY-EN-ScR-1E   SpellbookofJudgment-LTGY-EN-ScR-1E

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