June 2017 Forbidden & Limited List

We’re faced with another Forbidden & Limited List update. I’m hesitant to call anything an emergency because Konami knows what’s going on with the meta, especially in the TCG because OCG is ahead of us. Regardless, we’ve got a new list going into effect June 12. JUNE! We never get lists ahead of time anymore, it’s strange. That’s over three weeks away. Continue reading “June 2017 Forbidden & Limited List”

Dinosaur King is what I wanna be

Dinosaurs are the coolest. If you don’t agree that dinosaurs are the tightest thing to walk the Earth, I’m not sure we can be friends. Regardless of your thoughts on dinos, I’m back to tell you all about dinos and make some waves in regards to deck building standards. Later I’ll briefly explain my absence. Let’s go! Continue reading “Dinosaur King is what I wanna be”

March 31st 2017 Forbidden & Limited List Update (TCG ban list)

It’s been over six months since we had our last updated F&L list. They banned Monkeyboard back then. Do you remember when Performapals were a problem for six months? Well, there are some interesting moves this time. Let’s go. Continue reading “March 31st 2017 Forbidden & Limited List Update (TCG ban list)”

Deck of the day: Ryan Pasnik’s Top 8 Paleos

I’m sure that nobody is excited about Predaplants, Invoked or Frightfurs because I haven’t heard anything except people complaining about how broken Rat is. Ryan Pasnik, a personal friend of mine, went 8-1 against Zoodiac at the YCS this past weekend with Paleos and the only loss to Zoodiac was in Top 8 in time. Let’s take a look at one effective way to beat Zoo. Continue reading “Deck of the day: Ryan Pasnik’s Top 8 Paleos”

Link Monsters, how do they work?

There are some serious changes coming to Yugioh. I first read them, didn’t completely understand the implications and thought that the game was going to shit. It’s not, if anything, it’s quite the improvement. There’s a lot to unpack with Link Monsters and Link summoning as well as the Pendulum Zone changes. I don’t typically like to talk about what’s coming from the OCG because if the head of TCG Yugioh wanted us to know, we’d know but the inverse is also true. If we weren’t supposed to know, there’s no way we’d know and Konami would clean up their game. Let’s get into the changes, allow me to explain what they are then I’ll explain what it means for the game. Continue reading “Link Monsters, how do they work?”

Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 1

Raging Tempest is out. Zoodiacs are out. The world is over. The rat is named Ratpier. Yugioh has gone to the dogs. Three secrets are Zoodiac cards that you need at least two copies of. Welcome to the RATE set review. It’s been out since Friday and we’ve had a weekend to see the good decks but let’s take a look at the set even though you probably know all the good cards, anyways. In this part I’m going to go over the notable super, ultra and secret rares. The next part will be the notable commons and rares. Let’s-a-go. Continue reading “Set Review: Raging Tempest Part 1”

Magic: Frontier’s Boogeyman is not that difficult to play

Heads up Yugioh players, this is about Magic. Read on if you like, click an ad and move on if you’re not interested. A lot of people hate Frontier as a format simply because it’s not extended and it’s not official. Regardless of how you feel about Frontier, it’s picked up a lot of steam. There’s a lot of talk that the format is just 4-color midrange and that simply isn’t true. Atarka Red largely acts as the fun police making sure nobody is trying to get too durdly. If Atarka Red is the fun police, 4-color Rally is the boogeyman that everybody’s scared of, nobody wants to play against but yet, not many people are really playing the deck. Why is that? Continue reading “Magic: Frontier’s Boogeyman is not that difficult to play”